Xenoblade Chronicles, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Sorry the blog has been silent. I had various things crop up that had to be dealt with. I also tried to convince Sacae to blog… even after she told me she had two posts being worked on… but we see how that worked.

Anyway I missed my AKB post and haven’t even given myself a moment to really get to that yet, and… well a part of me kind of wants to keep them coming out on the same day… so… I guess we could just say that is on a break for this week?

So with the AKB post coming next week instead, no art post coming this week, and the simulcasts for this anime season being… well pitiful really… the only things left were anything I have read, any games I have played (which is very little…), or any writing I have done.

I haven’t touched a book in like three weeks since I finished Log Horizon’s first volume, I need to figure out which manga I want to talk about for the next installment of that series of posts, and my writing is currently in the Pre-Alpha phases of construction, which subtly means I haven’t done really ANYTHING for it, so really all that leaves just games.

As it is the only game I have “finished” and can attempt to even half ass a review of… our game today shall be Xenoblade Chronicles.

xenobladeOK so I won’t lie.

It has been awhile since I have even thought of Xenoblade. Probably longer since I actually played it where my characters got into the upper 70’s I believe.

I honestly can not remember much about the story overall (will try my best!) nor if I even actually completed the game or not.

So… yeah this will probably be a fairly bad review. But you all love me right? You’ll forgive me.

The Story:

Take it from me not knowing anything about games from Japan and being too lazy to do some background digging to see if a game has predecessors or not I walked into Xenoblade blindly when it came out being one of the very few games that took precedence on the New 3DS XL when it came out (are they even calling it that still?) so of course having bought myself one of those fancy New 3DS consoles I had to get Xenoblade as well.

Now for me personally I felt the premise of the story to be… well odd really. Pretty much in a time long long long long (insert however many other longs you need here) time ago two super being like creatures decided to have a little brawl. Sometime during this little brawl they end up essentially frozen in time or some sorts.

Where it gets odd for me is that these super being like creatures are essentially the size of continents… if not planets… or something like it at least. One of these super beings is pretty much a Pseudo-Earth like thing. It’s entire body acting as a host essentially to a parasite, or you know… HUMAN BEINGS (among other assorted creatures like giant raptors, wolves, and sort of fluffy and bouncy… things).


Oh and they have giant ears… arms… somethings…

The other giant super being creature thing? Spawns seemingly endless amounts of robotic like creatures to rival the other ones population. Oh and of course they want to full on Borg you and your friends, family, and the absolute strangers that live around you.

During the game you have the choice to choose from an assorted cast of characters, though your primary player and your “voice” of the game is Shulk, a young boy with a hidden past and the ability to wield a weapon called the Monado a weapon which is able to harm the robotic like enemies that attack you through the game.

The rest of the story is pretty much wishy-washy cut and dry JRPG stuff. Young orphan boy learns he has the ability to wield the ONE weapon capable of fighting his enemies, he goes on an adventure after his crush gets… crushed… to get revenge, he saves a Princess, learns about his hidden past, and blah blah blah blah.

Really this is one reason I don’t really remember the game well, other than it having been months now since I actually played it, and story was, in my opinion of course, very poor. It just was not that good and got boring pretty quickly, and by pretty quickly I mean it felt like a chore going through it by the time my characters hit their 30’s.

NOW this is NOT saying the game was bad in anyway possible. In fact it was pretty great, but it was not because of the main storyline or even the characters (who with an exception or two were boring for me. For me it was definitely:

The Visuals:


What Xenoblade sported that I think made it so amazing was its Visuals.

Now I am kind of being loose in this translation of “visuals” because I do not just mean the characters and the backgrounds, which were of course glorious in their own rights, but I also mean the music and size of the areas you visited in the game.

I like how one person I know described the game to me once, “It is a single player MMO.” which I heavily agreed towards after having played the game. The graphics were stunning, the music was amazing, and the size of areas, along with side quests you could do and side areas you could explore, were simply insane. Much like your average MMO has.

This MMO like resemblance also carries into its form of combat in which you have a string of abilities that can be used that all do various things such as bleeding, binding, stunning, and other such nonsense. Though much like… well any game really not just JRPG’s… you will eventually fall into a certain groove so to speak. Where once you figure out a certain way to defeat a certain thing… you probably will use that way in almost every other fight you get into.

The Final Verdict:

In the end I will not be like many of those other reviewers (for when the game ACTUALLY came out…) and be raving about how this game was JRPG of the year. Because even if it was it had plenty of flaws that just made me think less of it in the long run of its very long course of playing.

I would rate Xenoblade Chronicles a 7 out of 10 which really for me means it was good but it just had a few too many flaws on its plate to be better.

Though I will readily admit I am seriously thinking of buying a Wii-U or whatever the hell it is called JUST for the next Xenoblade game that is on its way out (or is it already out? I don’t pay attention to news anymore…) but that would obviously require money.



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