Fall Anime Season 2015, Third Week Roundup

Good News, Everyone!

I am actually still watching simulcasts!

Really I have made no secret I am finding this season, compared to previous seasons lately, to be absolutely abysmal. Of the 15 or so shows I am actually watching I am only finding about three or four of them, if I don’t include the shorts, to be considered good while the rest are at a simple “decent” or only just “watchable”, or for people who prefer scores, three or four garner anything higher than a 7 out of 10 from me while the rest are hovering around a 4 to 5 out of 10.

So be prepared going into this post that… I will likely not be on the same page as you are in liking certain series. As I have found out I don’t think I am agreeing with really anyone this season I believe.

Which really is kind of an odd feeling…

yuruyuri5YuruYuri San Hai!

So starting out with something I am actually, kind of, enjoying.

YuruYuri kind of just stormed itself in flaunting itself like it was the best CGDCT series around.

While not my personal favorite of said series it is still enjoyable and the fact that I am rating it so highly this season right now goes to show yet again how I feel this season is a letdown.


Shomin Sample

While I am fully enjoying Shomin Sample, partially due to a so far decent adaptation of the manga, I am still going to be withholding judgement on the series.

Pretty much because until I see my favorite character I won’t know if I like it or not fully. But luckily she should be coming in the next episode.


Beautiful Bones – Sakurako’s Investigation-

This happens to be one of the ones I feel like I am the odd man out compared to others.

From everything I hear from people who kept this show I feel like I am missing something while watching it myself.

I just don’t feel like anything is gripping me to this show and it really doesn’t help that I am not caring for Sakurako nor her pet high school kid, whose name I have forgotten, so I honestly am not sure right now if I will continue past this week with this show.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

This one is an interesting one for me.

On one hand I nearly detest all things mecha, especially since 90% of them all deal with child soldiers and very rarely any adults (at all), and my nostalgia for Gundam is hardly kicking in like it is for what I assume is for most watchers of this show.

On the other hand though… I am actually enjoying it. Albeit not nearly as much as any of what I am considering good it is still in the running and being watched despite my predetermined hate for a mecha show.


Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

Honestly? Still have no idea which of the like four different ways to call this show I should actually use…

But putting aside that small frivolity ‘Chivalry’ is honestly something I am really enjoying this season. I find its story and characters to be much more interesting than its lesser counterpart Asterisk War also premiering this season.

Now that doesn’t mean it will stay good as LN Battle Harems, as I and some others like to call these type of shows, often for me start breaking down and becoming redundantly boring nearly halfway through and close to the end.

So while it is currently a high ranker for me it most certainly still has the time to make me wish I never started it.


Young Black Jack

Surprisingly going from the first episode which I found interesting this series ended up falling down for me by this point.

I’m not sure what happened exactly… whether it was just nothing gripped me into wanting to continue from now on… or if it was some other element.

But as of right now I have no plans to continue Young Black Jack as of right now.


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

So as I said on the preview for the show… I am enjoying this much more than I think I have any right to.

Since I wasn’t the biggest fan of AoT, like almost every other damned anime watcher it seems, I thought I would quickly shelf this series.

But here we are in the third week and I am considering it one of my favorites this season.


One Punch Man

Still surprising me in how much I am actually enjoying this.

Perhaps because despite it being heavily shonen and full of fighting the comedy, especially from Saitama, is great.

Saitama is a lovable idiot who knows he is the strongest living thing (currently in the series) and he just doesn’t give a fuck even when he is naked, or being tossed around like a ragdoll by a giant bug like demon.


Asterisk War

While I am still keeping Asterisk War it is exceedingly worse than Chivalry.

I don’t find its story as compelling for some reason and its cast of characters so far has left no longing attachment towards them unlike Stella and the MC from Chivalry.

This is the particular LN Battle Harem I expect to drop and be disappointed with long before Chivalry hits that point.


Comet Lucifer

While I am enjoying the characters in the show the story seems to be… well going no where right now.

I am certain that something will happen in an episode or two that will kick everything into gear but I just wasn’t expecting the whole slice of life like episode that we just got out of this one.

Especially since the first two episodes were full of things happening around the cast.



Like others this season there doesn’t seem to be much gripping me into keeping this show.

But… there is this sort of nagging feeling that if I drop it now. I will miss something good.

Also Kuon is cute so maybe I can give it a pass for cuteness’ sake?


Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??

Good sweet lords of diabetes!

Besides the series already being ultra sweet and cute they throw in an ED that is impossible to resist.

Yes I love my fluffy CGDCT series.


The Shorts

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

Still really enjoying Komori-san but I still REALLY wish it was longer.

Hackadoll the Animation

Kind of getting to the point of… tedious?


I am realizing now this wasn’t the manga I actually read before. But it is still cute and funny.

And… that concludes everything I am watching now.

I am sure someone will eventually tell me somewhere to go watch something else or how my opinion is wrong somewhere.

But that will not mean I will actually listen.


Now for fun!

Week 3 Rankings:

  1. One Punch Man
  2. GochiUsa
  3. Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakou
  4. Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!
  5. Rakudai Kishi (Chivalry)
  6. YuruYuri
  7. Shomin Sample
  8. Gundam
  9. Utawarerumono
  10. Hakone-chan
  11. Comet Lucifer
  12. Asterisk War
  13. Hackadoll the Animation
  14. Beautiful Bones
  15. Young Black Jack

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