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Star Wars Battlefront, Game Review

Good News, Everyone!

I survived Thanksgiving, though my gut didn’t survive the food, and I return to WordPress with… honestly a slight reluctance.

This reluctance comes with quite a few reasons I think. I have plenty, on games at least, to write about and I could easily delve into more manga, light novels, and other reading material. There is also all of my writing I am working on now.

But despite having the material to work with… I still feel reluctant to put any of it up and I think it is cause I am just losing steam in trying to keep the blog running as seen by my constant 4-7 day or longer breaks between posts.

So honestly I have no idea what will be happening from here on out. Hopefully something soon will kick in and make me continue blogging more often as I do enjoy it.


Today’s post as the title indicated is another game review and today will be over the recently released Star Wars Battlefront from EA.

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Artwork Extravaganza #31

It is Wednesday!

Tomorrow is Turkey-Day!

I am being lazy (aka I have no other real ideas of what to post right now) and thus will throw pretty pictures at your faces! Read the rest of this entry

Farcry 4, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I feel like throwing out a game review post though I am still slightly unnerved by the wordpress posting changes and still trying to get used to them.

Today’s game, Farcry 4, I don’t think I fully beat actually before trading it back in. It got to the point I was ignoring the game over other things and when faced with going back to it had no desire to do so.

But I had like an 80% completion rate according to the game. So that is good enough for me!

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Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Seven

Hello Everyone!

As if it wasn’t completely obvious I disappeared. Yet again. It is becoming a bad habit really…

I ended up catching myself into a novel writing contest on top of the glorious amount of games that have been releasing on me and usual day to day business I just found myself without really any time to write for the blog.

Hopefully… within a week or two things will start to calm down for me after the writing contest deal is done and most/all of the games get their time played.

Now then, on with anime, which up until yesterday… I was about two weeks behind on everything I was watching. Not to mention I keep getting vibes to go back to things I dropped or put aside so… yeah this week may be interesting trying to put time in stuff I need to work on and my anime addiction.

This new look for making posts though on WordPress might confuse me for awhile though…

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Artwork Extravaganza #30

Today is a Wednesday.

So I shall throw random pieces of art at people who read the blog.

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Manga Ramblings: A Bit of the Peculiar

Hello Everyone!

Normally I suppose a Manga Ramblings post would have been out on a Saturday… But given my current mood and having practically thrown everything to the wind right now i’m just doing what I want to do when I want to do it.

Today’s Manga Ramblings is going to delve into a couple series that have peculiar themes to them, or at least do in my eyes, because they have not been used in other series I have read as of yet.

Starting out will be:

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Fall Anime Season 2015, Fifth Week Roundup

Hello Everyone!

For my like… ten or so actual followers… yes I disappeared from blogging. I have about a hundred different excuses I could use, some of which are actually valid, but I will just sum it all up as… I lost my drive.

I wanted to do so much at once it seemed for the last week and a half that my brain just ended up going “Nope, fuck you, we are taking a nap.” and every time I tried to do a post, and I tried at least a dozen times, I just sort of short-circuited and if I tried to re-do it to make it work it fizzled out so I eventually ended up going and doing something completely different.

So after giving up and allowing myself a little bit of a breather I am not coming back and going to start back up with the Fall Anime that I am still watching!

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