Fall Anime Season 2015, Fifth Week Roundup

Hello Everyone!

For my like… ten or so actual followers… yes I disappeared from blogging. I have about a hundred different excuses I could use, some of which are actually valid, but I will just sum it all up as… I lost my drive.

I wanted to do so much at once it seemed for the last week and a half that my brain just ended up going “Nope, fuck you, we are taking a nap.” and every time I tried to do a post, and I tried at least a dozen times, I just sort of short-circuited and if I tried to re-do it to make it work it fizzled out so I eventually ended up going and doing something completely different.

So after giving up and allowing myself a little bit of a breather I am not coming back and going to start back up with the Fall Anime that I am still watching!


Rakudai Kishi no Eiuutan

Of the LN High School Battle Harem shows airing this season Chivalry is really the only one I am remotely caring about right now.

I find the characters better, the story better, and character growth as well better. Add onto that it is visually better to my eyes than the others I am honestly not sure why I am still watching any of the others.

Stella is also adorable.


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

Thank you Attack on Titan spinoff series for making me completely rethink my shipping from your original series!



One Punch Man

Weekly OPM is delivering an amazing mixture of goofy oddballishness from its characters with some pretty awesome fighting.

But it seems to be the perfect mixture as to not annoy me or bore me from either one and I am still loving it a lot more than I thought I ever would.


Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??

Continuing with my weekly dose of overdosing on sugary sweet levels of cuteness GochiUsa is steadily going along with my usual enjoyment for the type of series presented.

I am also keenly interested in meeting Cocoa’s sister next episode.


Asterisk War

For me Asterisk War is barely plodding along well enough for me to keep watching it.

Sometimes I feel like if I wasn’t already watching other shows the day it airs I would probably just forget it and not watch it… but it’s there and I just shrug and say what the hell.

Though the new additions were slightly entertaining I suppose…


Shomin Sample

Probably due to a lackluster season, or my insane love for Hakua, I am still enjoying Shomin Sample immensely.

I am still waiting for particular parts to be adapted… primarily for screenshot reasons.

But other than that… yeah not much else to talk about for the show really.


Yuruyuri San Hai!

Along with GochiUsa of giving me weekly doses of adorable I am enjoying the third season of Yuruyuri.

Though… a part of me is still bitter there hasn’t been more Yuyushiki.

The Shorts

Komori-san wa Kotowarenai!

I feel like they give to much emphasis on Komori’s breasts… which may or may not have happened in the manga… but I think it would have been diluted if they had made it longer episodes…


Having no one recognize you just because you get to grow up for a day is a sad thing… also funny when there is jealousy as well.


As for everything else… well as of right now I will just say assume I am behind on it… because I have dropped, picked back up, and/or redropped pretty much everything from this season.

Now normally I would say at the end of a post like this what to expect from me coming up… but… well I have nothing planned. Also since the last time I planned stuff I planned so much I short-circuited I really don’t want it to happen again. So I guess it will just be a surprise for all of us later down the road.


About StoneWolfe6211

I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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