Manga Ramblings: A Bit of the Peculiar

Hello Everyone!

Normally I suppose a Manga Ramblings post would have been out on a Saturday… But given my current mood and having practically thrown everything to the wind right now i’m just doing what I want to do when I want to do it.

Today’s Manga Ramblings is going to delve into a couple series that have peculiar themes to them, or at least do in my eyes, because they have not been used in other series I have read as of yet.

Starting out will be:

koe no katachi

Koe no Katachi

Also known as “The Shape of Voice” or “A Silent Voice” Koe no Katachi enters my peculiar range due to its use of having sign language being used to communicate with one of the characters whom is deaf.

Koe no Katachi is a Dramatic Romance in my eyes. First you have the two main characters Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya the former who bullied the latter as kids is eventually isolated to the point of contemplating suicide before a reunion with Nishimiya pushes him on a path of redemption.

The drama roars in when through this reunion and path of redemption gets Ishida in contact with various people from his past and present situations, such as his former comrade in bullying, a class president who thinks only of themselves, one of the few people who tried to befriend Nishimiya, and a person who is blindly in love with the class president. With all of these people together past and current regrets boil and pour out in fights and arguments.

Overall I think the series is great and sends a powerful message on the effects bullying can have on others and honestly I would recommend it to a lot of people to read.


Joshi Kausei

This one enters my range of peculiar for the way it is told. Unlike mostly all other manga this is considered a “silent manga” and just like its name implies there is no conversation or talking in its pages.

Relying solely on pictures, situations, and the like Joshi Kausei simply tells the daily lives of some high school girls without using any dialogue.

Now while this is fairly… actually almost completely unique from what I have seen I still think it is kind of an easy cute manga to “read” despite that. But this peculiarity it has obviously could make it very disengaging for some people and it is easy to forget about such a series without much pull to bring you back to it.


Nazo no Kanojo X

Known more commonly, I believe, by Mysterious Girlfriend X the series hits my range of peculiar due to… well… it’s entire premise really.

For those who have not read the manga or seen the anime the premise of this series is Akira Tsubaki, the main male character, gets addicted to recent transfers Mikoto Urabe’s drool through a series of odd events. The addiction, a form of love sickness, plunges these two on a course of a slowly progressing relationship surrounding the bond created by the drool of Urabe.

On one hand I really liked Mysterious Girlfriend X for what it was on another hand though I wish their relationship had progressed a little better and more had happened in it not to mention it felt like they left so many unanswered questions out there by the time the series was forced down and ended.

At least it HAD an ending though even if it was not entirely what I wanted from it.


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