Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Seven

Hello Everyone!

As if it wasn’t completely obvious I disappeared. Yet again. It is becoming a bad habit really…

I ended up catching myself into a novel writing contest on top of the glorious amount of games that have been releasing on me and usual day to day business I just found myself without really any time to write for the blog.

Hopefully… within a week or two things will start to calm down for me after the writing contest deal is done and most/all of the games get their time played.

Now then, on with anime, which up until yesterday… I was about two weeks behind on everything I was watching. Not to mention I keep getting vibes to go back to things I dropped or put aside so… yeah this week may be interesting trying to put time in stuff I need to work on and my anime addiction.

This new look for making posts though on WordPress might confuse me for awhile though…


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

This one was actually a few episodes more behind than the others. Still sitting at only 3 completed when I got to it. So I had a bit of a mini-marathon for myself watching it today.

Some thoughts so far on the series are:

I don’t really care for the princess lady or whoever she is right now. Not really sure why? But I just do.

Mikazuki’s deadpan emotions I feel like is an overplayed trope so I don’t really care for that either.

Other than that I guess the only real gripe I have with the rest of the show is the fact everyone is like 10 to 17 and only a couple of adults are seen as not evil overlords and competent.


Asterisk War

Ah Asterisk War… on one hand you are horribly dull, your cast is lackluster at best, and honestly your story barely interests me.

But for some reason I keep watching. I mean I know partially it is because you are right there as I am gonna end up watching like a half dozen other shows… but I can’t imagine THAT is the only reason I keep you around.

Oh well. I am still watching but it is hardly that good.


Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??

As the seasons best CGDCT series it isn’t really any surprise that I am loving the show.

Must say though that Cocoa’s sister came and left like a raging tornado.

I honestly expected her to stay but be a background show up sort of like Aoyama-sensei is. But I doubt she won’t be back again. I just have the feeling she will show up again for something.


Shomin Sample

As before I still am only just grazing by liking Shomin Sample and most of it is carried by me loving Hakua.

They ended up changing a few things in the recent episode but surprisingly they were changes I was fine with rather than the usual “AGH WHY DID THEY DO THIS” type of feeling.

Now one thing I am not sure of, since I am too lazy to go back to the manga to check, is if they skipped over a part I was particularly looking forward to seeing… or if it will come up this week.

We shall see.


One Punch Man

Oh Saitama you lovable idiot…

Really though I am enjoying OPM way more than I anticipated me to like an action shonen.

Partially because I think I like the comedy it puts out way more than I thought I would and it is held up by how Saitama and Genos act in general.

Now that isn’t saying that the action is bad or anything in OPM in fact it is pretty good really from my point of view. I just think I love it so much because of the comedy aspect not the action aspect.


Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan

Now as for shows I am really enjoying in the battle harem series it is definitely Chivalry.

I love the cast and they really hold up the show for me.

Which really makes me realize often a show can be awful. Like REALLY awful. But if it has an enjoyable cast that does their characters well? I can often make passes for them.

That said though I think Chivalry is great even past the characters. It is visually pleasing, the story isn’t really bad at all, and then adding in the characters it is a pretty good show overall.


Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

So the Attack on Titan spinoff.

Am I really allowed to enjoy something so outrageous like this?

I mean. It is amazing. Really amazing.

Honestly like right now I would rate it better than Attack on Titan it is that good.

No it won’t reach my Top Anime list. But it is good!


YuruYuri San Hai!

Surprisingly given that at the beginning of the season I kind of felt like Yuruyuri had ran its course a season ago I am actually really enjoying this season.

It kind of feels like the are pushing the couples even harder than usual which as a hard time shipper here… that makes me happy as hell.

Not to mention it is all cute and funny so that helps as well.

That is where I am going to call it for today as I am noticing I am making more and more mistakes while typing so probably means I need a break from writing.

I am still catching up on nearly everything else except for the shorts but I doubt I will put them in any sort of post yet. Maybe an end of the season post to give final thoughts on everything I finish.










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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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