Farcry 4, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I feel like throwing out a game review post though I am still slightly unnerved by the wordpress posting changes and still trying to get used to them.

Today’s game, Farcry 4, I don’t think I fully beat actually before trading it back in. It got to the point I was ignoring the game over other things and when faced with going back to it had no desire to do so.

But I had like an 80% completion rate according to the game. So that is good enough for me!


The Story:

Farcry 4 takes place in a fictional Himalayan nation known as Kyrat and the nation, and games main antagonist, is ruled by the arrogant Pagan Min who quickly shows his mercilessness when his men kill mostly everyone in the caravan taking you into Kyrat and when he takes you hostage and up to his decked out home he stabs your local guide in the back and forces him to cry for help out off the large open windows.

You play Ajay Ghale, an American who has travelled to the war torn nation of Kyrat to spread his mother’s ashes in her homeland. But it is not long after meeting Pagan that you are thrust into helping members of The Golden Path, a separatist group founded by your parents, and their mission of freeing Kyrat from Pagan’s tyranny.

The Gameplay:

Overall I would say Farcry 4 was a serious blunder in many aspects. Now I have to give a sort of pass to the game because, no offense to major fans of the games but, it is hard to make shooters in my opinion in any way unique outside of its story or any side things you can do within the game.

For the most part Farcry 4 plays like your general shooter game. There isn’t much deviation from this point what so ever either even in any of its side activities. It story on the other hand is… well honestly not that great either. My personal favorite part of the game was Pagan whom for the better part of the game is no where to be seen or heard from outside of some radio programs or predetermined radio hacking while you are doing missions.

Outside of the poor story though the game often lets you run wild across Kyrat. Hunting large and rare beasts, skydiving off of the mountains, liberating outposts from Min’s army, or killing special Lieutenants in certain manners. These activities are generally very fun and sometimes even highly chaotic.


The Visuals:

For a game that you primarily, if not always, spend in first person seeing just your hands and whatever weapon you may be holding I probably shouldn’t be as surprised as I was in seeing that the graphics were amazing out in the wilds.

Now this isn’t to say being in the various outposts and villages was unsettling the graphics there were also still amazing. But… it seems for me where ever there are more people in a game I get more… dissociated with and the people themselves seem to be just… well dolls really walking around.

The Final Verdict

So while I can’t comment on multiplayer as I never actually touched it overall Farcry is sort of a dud for what the game is meant to be. But not all games require their stories to be good to be a good game itself.

As such I would give Farcry 4 a 7 out of 10 which honestly could have been easily fixed if a little bit more time was spent working out the kinks in the story and admittedly is probably only as high as it is because of its well rounded free roaming and excellent visuals.



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