Star Wars Battlefront, Game Review

Good News, Everyone!

I survived Thanksgiving, though my gut didn’t survive the food, and I return to WordPress with… honestly a slight reluctance.

This reluctance comes with quite a few reasons I think. I have plenty, on games at least, to write about and I could easily delve into more manga, light novels, and other reading material. There is also all of my writing I am working on now.

But despite having the material to work with… I still feel reluctant to put any of it up and I think it is cause I am just losing steam in trying to keep the blog running as seen by my constant 4-7 day or longer breaks between posts.

So honestly I have no idea what will be happening from here on out. Hopefully something soon will kick in and make me continue blogging more often as I do enjoy it.


Today’s post as the title indicated is another game review and today will be over the recently released Star Wars Battlefront from EA.


So starting out I guess I will go ahead and just say it.

This game was awful.

Ripe with problems I have been having from EA for far too long now this game was barely anything of what I was expecting or wanting from it. Now perhaps that was my fault for not keeping up with news from people able to play it early but… I was just so… disgusted really with how it all came out.

The Game:

So starting out I guess I will just kind of go over some things from the game because there was no sort of story to play in.


First off there are only four maps you can play on whose scale is comparable to maybe a small Call of Duty map.

Now I can already hear the outcry: “But Wolfe! There will be more maps later!”

Yes and damn it really needs more maps. But I know EA. Constantly for quite a while now EA puts out hardly finished games that need constant updates and then they pump out DLC that often costs 1/3 or 1/2 of the original games cost.

Not to mention knowing EA in this situation they will probably pump out only maybe a map or two, of similar sizes of the others, per DLC and then keep pumping out those map packs for who knows how long.

Second was the lack of individuality. From what I saw, and I will admit I did not give it a good long look, there was barely anything you could change on your players loadouts, which was another stab at a poor Call of Duty knock off, and those loadouts were limited to I believe only three different types of weapons.

Now I honestly feel this problem I had here was a simple I didn’t give it enough time nor enough of a chance. But the serious lack of options even presented to me was a big turn off right away.

Finally I will throw in vehicles and heroes.

I sort of felt that both were way understated in the game.

Vehicles I barely saw anywhere it seemed other than the eerily small AT-AT which seemed it could be easily dismantled by the enemies turrets or hero if caught unaware.

As for the heroes well they were just overpowered monstrosities that were easily picked off when around which I understand it is hard to give the vibe of the powerful sith and jedi they were while still maintaining some sort of balance in the game.


Now obviously from all of that it is pretty apparent I did not like the game pretty much from the get go. That also is not all of my complaints on the game itself but if I kept going on this would turn less into a review and more into just a rant, which it will probably just end up as in the end anyway…

But there was one thing at least I could say that did blow my mind and that was the graphics.

The visual details that were in the game I thought were spectacular. Unfortunately they were wasted on this poor game.

And now I realize getting to this point I really can’t think of anything else to say about the game.

It had so much that I was disappointed in I really can not think of anything, other than the graphics, that was good about it.

Which led to the realization after I ended up returning it was… I was expecting, and hoping, for the game to be the original Battlefront/Battlefront 2 but with current gen graphics.

The lack of space battles, the forced to the original trilogy, Empire versus Rebels, characters, and especially the problems I saw in the game like the lack of maps, character loadouts, the blatant “We are trying to be like popular CoD” vibes.

It just made this game… awful. For me at least. I know there are people out there who probably love this game and are willing to throw their money at EA when the inevitably release their map packs and probable extra game modes and weapons and whatever else. But that is just not me.

As such for me this game would be given only a whopping 3 out of 10 if I were to rate it.

I understand that probably 3 of those missing points out of 10 is just me salty about the game not being like the games of the past but since I am the one rating it here I can take them out.

Honestly for me the only reason it has those 3 points right now is because of the good graphics.







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3 Responses to Star Wars Battlefront, Game Review

  1. JekoJeko says:

    Your thoughts echo those of my favourite youtuber ‘videogamedunkey’. He put up his review a few days ago ( and makes similar points about the amazing graphics and aesthetics being ‘wasted’ on a game that doesn’t yet have satisfying gameplay – and may never, unless you want to keep throwing money at EA for the rest of eternity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And even after throwing EA the money they may add some things but it will still be a hollow empty shell of what it could be in the hands of a company that cared for the game.

      Liked by 1 person

      • JekoJeko says:

        Probably best to expect that they’ll roll out a new Battlefront every two years, alternating with Battlefield, in order to keep up with COD’s business model. I’m not joking in the slightest – plus EA run all the servers, so if they make a sequel and want you to play it they can just pull the plug on your over-$100 game.

        Liked by 1 person

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