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Looking Back Over 2015 Anime – The Good and The Bad

So it seems to be a bit of a trend I am seeing to talk about your favorite anime over the year or to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whichever though since this is my first full year as a blogger I thought I would do the same.

Of course I probably should have started this post earlier but who cares. My biggest debates were should I do all good? Do the good, bad, and ugly? One post? Multiple Posts?

What I ended up with was The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. But without the ugly… and just putting it all up into one post because… well I am lazy.

Now clearly there were plenty of good and plenty of bad all of which is of course only my opinion of the shows being shown here. As such to keep it from being like… 20+ good and 40+ bad I will narrow it down to just 5 of each so this isn’t some like 5k+ word post.

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Ending the Fall 2015 Anime Season

Hello Everyone!

Yes I am aware for actual readers we have yet to throw out the Fallout 4 review… eventually we might actually write it.

But for today I have decided to look at the end of the Fall 2015 anime. Overall for me this was a highly disappointing and mediocre season for anime with very little reaching my 5/6 out of 10 range (my “it’s watchable, but not great” range). But what did pass that passed it by a long shot.

So let’s take a look at my thoughts over the season:


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Artwork Extravaganza #33

Wow have I really gone over thirty of these things already…

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Fallout 4: Stories from the Commonwealth (Part Three)

Wolfe: Hello, Everyone!

Welcome back to yet another edition of, a hopefully not awful to read, Stories from the Commonwealth.

Sacae: I’m alive and here, joy.

Wolfe: Vampires can live? Interesting.

Well as I mentioned in our last post today we are going to be joined by a guest writer/little person we kidnapped from Crunchyroll.

Sacae: Can I drink his blood?

Wolfe: I told you to wait.

Alright Grauger go ahead and say hi.

Grauger: Hello. I am the one known as Grauger. Though I don’t remember being a little person.

Wolfe: Maybe I should have said youngin’.

Anyway! We are bantering up here in the start.

Let’s get this third post started! Obviously because of three people. It may end up longer than the rest.

And by may. I mean it will.

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Fallout 4: Stories from the Commonwealth (Part Two)

Wolfe: Welcome back, everyone!

Today is yet another Stories from the Commonwealth post featuring me and the vampire, Sacae.

Sacae: I mean, it’s night, I’m safe. Let’s do this. You go first this time.

Wolfe: I suppose that is fair.

Alright everyone! Onwards with the second part of the Stories of the Commonwealth!


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Fallout 4: Stories from the Commonwealth (Part One)

Wolfe: Good News, Everyone!

I have dug Sacae from her early grave that she dug herself into and have brought her back to the blog by enticing her with a joint blog post over something she actually cares about.

Sacae: Boo. I liked my coffin.

Wolfe: We know my dear.

Oh and for those who don’t know. Sacae, over the months of being missing, has turned into a vampire.

Sacae: Anyways, Fallout? I can go play it, or we can write about it. Let’s do that.

Wolfe: OK, OK! Calm down.

Yes Fallout. To get Sacae out of her coffin I had to entice her with Fallout 4. But only on the condition that we do it as a multi-part post.

One post will be a typical review going over various aspects of the gameplay, visuals, bugs (or lack thereof), and other assorted things you would see within a review.

While the other posts is a bit more fun. We will share our stories of things that have happened to us or that we enjoyed while playing the game.

This is the first of those story posts.

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Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Ten

Hello Everyone!

So in a completely surprising twist my Creativerse blog post got shared by the Creativerse Twitter page which is awesome.

As such with an already high spike in views on the blog because of that I thought. Hey why the hell not throw out another blog post!

OK that is a lie I had this written yesterday I just didn’t post it because I am a fat lazy bastard.


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“Creativerse” An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

So like the horrible person I am I have not been writing on my novel like I am suppose to be doing right now.

Instead for the last couple of days I looked into an Early Access game called Creativerse and kind of fell hard into it like I usually do with some games.

So today I will be giving my review over the game as I have seen it thus far.


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Artwork Extravaganza #32

Hello, Everyone!

Today is one of those Wednesdays where I feel like doing less than nothing.

But I will be an awesome guy and at least throw some pictures at your faces so you can stare and enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Fall Anime Season 2015, Week Nine

Good Day, Everyone!

This was actually ready last night. But I know trends! WordPress tells me these things! You all read my blog while skipping work and/or having lunch! So that is why it is being posted now around 10am… my time. But it is 10pm… POSTING FROM THE PAST IS CONFUZZILING!

OK whatever enough of that on with the anime!


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