“Creativerse” An Early-Access Game Review

Hello Everyone!

So like the horrible person I am I have not been writing on my novel like I am suppose to be doing right now.

Instead for the last couple of days I looked into an Early Access game called Creativerse and kind of fell hard into it like I usually do with some games.

So today I will be giving my review over the game as I have seen it thus far.


So on the surface Creativerse is essentially… OK not essentially… it is entirely a Minecraft clone.

Now I can already see some people going right there and bashing it because of that. I honestly was thinking I would as well. I mean a game copying the great Minecraft?! How dare they!!

Then I played it.

And then I kept playing it.

While yes on the surface Creativerse is just a Minecraft clone there are so many things better about it given Minecrafts age now.

So I will go over some things I have liked or disliked and compare it obviously to Minecraft.


The Game

Starting off obviously if you have played Minecraft you know there is no story (except for these new Telltale Games ones coming out but those don’t count for me being separate games and all) and Creativerse is no different in this matter.

The core of the game, at least in my opinion, is to let loose with your imagination and to create and build things.

That is what I loved about Minecraft being able to sit back and build majestic towers, sprawling cities, or whatever else came to my imagination (which is a limitless monster given how it has made fantasy worlds). But sadly for Minecraft in my opinion it didn’t ever look good unless you used a texture pack to make things look better. Not that this ever stopped me from actually building in it.

Creativerse gets a one up out of the front gate here given it visually just looks a lot better than Minecraft. If you have played MC and go into Creativerse it is noticeable right away. But I think it just shows up a lot better when you have a finished project in front of you.


What was once a happy little forest turned into a fort

Now Creativerse is in Early Access which means they are still updating and adding things (not that Minecraft isn’t doing this but Creativerse is still young so it has a lot of room to grow compared to Minecraft) so there are still things that Minecraft has that you could say I missed while in Creativerse.

One of these examples would be the creative mode that Minecraft has which allows you to have unlimited materials, take no damage, and fly. Which obviously made building things a cinch. Creativers though… well as far as I have seen so far this isn’t the case. Meaning that you have to gather all the materials you want and come up with a plan in your head or on the go.

Now one thing Creativerse has which can easily be expanded and used more in the future is blueprints.

Of course this makes some more particular hardasses gamers groan not because of their usability, no if anything their use is amazing telling you where to place what block where to make certain structures. No the groaning comes from Creativerse being Free to Play. The being F2P means that these blueprints do cost real money to purchase. But honestly given how good the game has been? I don’t mind chucking out some cash for them especially if/when more are added and they are worth it.


Of course building stuff on your own is just as good and satisfying.


Now I am giving combat its own little thing here.

It is not really anything special mind you.

Just like Minecraft in Creativerse you collect materials. Make weapons and armor. Cause chaos to your enemies.

But what I noticed in Creativerse is unlike Minecraft, where you were pretty… safe from everything… until you hit the underworld, Creativerse is a little bit rougher.

What I mean by this is in Minecraft I can’t recall anything really harming me unless I was being an idiot or was purposefully taking the damage.

But in Creativerse things hurt just a little bit more so if you are not careful or have too many going up against you chances are you might end up dead.

Not to mention certain areas have stronger mobs than the starter Pigsy’s so without upgraded gear they can certainly pack a punch against you.


“Oh it’s just a crab. How dangerous could it… IS THAT A SKULL ON YOUR FACE?! NOPE NOPE NOPE!!


Advantages or Disadvantage

(Compared to Minecraft)
As the game is in Early Access do realize all these could possibly change though I doubt most if any would.


  • The game is FREE! Yes there are microtransactions but that is entirely up to the player to use. There is no Pay to Win in this type of game like some other microtransaction games.
  • A large and varied crafting system that you unlock by crafting the items before it. As well as telling you materials needed. Much simpler than Minecraft where you have to know what needs to be placed where in the crafting menu to make items.
  • Visually amazing.
  • Dedicated servers make playing with friends easy and fun, though public and non-password protected servers can easily be griefed.
  • Monsters are more than simple AI’s clubbing you to death they all have varied attacks to use against you. Like the Miru blinding you, the Trog healing itself, spin attacks, stuns, poisons, fires, etc etc.
  • There seem to be some sort of Easter Eggs in the game in the form of Data Chips and Journal Pages that tell funny stories when pieced together.
  • Outside of Farming and owning a Pet you only need your sword as a tool. Everything can be “mined” through your gauntlet, which the game calls a Matter Syphoner (and BC calls a Vacuum Cleaner), and can be upgraded via Mining Cells to mine higher tier blocks and mine lower tier blocks faster.
  • It is on Steam! This means it HAS the potential to use the Steam Workshop. Which could expand this game in limitless directions.
  • No more starving. Food instead gives you buffs like extra health, healing per second, resistance to damage, etc.
  • Not every single thing is a block! Monsters and animals are not misshapen squares and instead look pretty good. This also includes the player and certain animated blocks!
  • Teleporters. You can get back to your home/base in the click of a button and matter of seconds. Making return trips to drop off materials or to make new items easy.


  • Possibly due to being Early Access, or because it is just a game, but there have been a handful of bugs to pop up.
    • Mobs just standing there and not attacking.
    • The server resetting itself to its start point (no buildings built, etc) though luckily not permanently.
    • Often a lot of the small bugs, like respawns of enemies not happening or empty chests not accepting items, can be fixed by restarting the game.
  • TNT while destructive like Minecraft’s does not leave behind blocks it destroys. This honestly is probably just a thing I dislike but… yeah I would like it I guess.
  • No creative mode. Which means no simple just build type of games. You have to gather your materials.
  • No map! Yes Minecraft also didn’t have a map. But seriously a game like this needs one.
  • AI pathing can be pretty retarded. Like you run into a mob it then takes a journey before returning to you to attack.
  • That very essential and useful teleporter forever takes up one inventory/hotbar slot as it cannot be placed in a chest and does not leave your inventory when placed.
  • No ranged type of weapons outside of simple thrown items and bombs.
  • Progression in the game is short and fast. You can reach Lumite (the current highest ore material) in less than a day.
  • The game is always online. All servers you make (or others make) can be joined if not password protected. This also means if you do not have internet (how are you reading this?) or lose internet for some time there is no playing the game.
  • Currently unable to modded.


Final Verdict

In the end Creativerse is an expansive and amazing game that can be called a fully complete game but is still technically in its alpha/beta stages of life.

I would highly recommend the game to anyone who has played Minecraft or wanted to play Minecraft but didn’t want to pay Mojang for whatever reason.

Overall Creativerse is landing at a 9 out of 10 for me even with its negatives but given its Early Access stage of life it still has plenty of room to grow bigger. With certain changes and additions this game could easily rival Minecraft on certain levels and that is even without mods. If they add mods… this game will definitely be better than Minecraft for me and many others.



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