Fallout 4: Stories from the Commonwealth (Part One)

Wolfe: Good News, Everyone!

I have dug Sacae from her early grave that she dug herself into and have brought her back to the blog by enticing her with a joint blog post over something she actually cares about.

Sacae: Boo. I liked my coffin.

Wolfe: We know my dear.

Oh and for those who don’t know. Sacae, over the months of being missing, has turned into a vampire.

Sacae: Anyways, Fallout? I can go play it, or we can write about it. Let’s do that.

Wolfe: OK, OK! Calm down.

Yes Fallout. To get Sacae out of her coffin I had to entice her with Fallout 4. But only on the condition that we do it as a multi-part post.

One post will be a typical review going over various aspects of the gameplay, visuals, bugs (or lack thereof), and other assorted things you would see within a review.

While the other posts is a bit more fun. We will share our stories of things that have happened to us or that we enjoyed while playing the game.

This is the first of those story posts.


Sacae: Indeed! So, who goes first?

Wolfe: Well I feel like you should. I mean we haven’t heard from you since August.

Sacae: In one of my restarts, I focused on setting up Sanctuary before going too far into other things. I got to the point of making a farm for it, just a small basic one. Of course meta-gaming, I wanted an adhesive farm. Cause guns, ya’know?

Wolfe: You can make an adhesive farm? If I had know that… crafting wouldn’t have been such a pain.

Sacae: You didn’t know that? Corn, Mulfruit, and Tatos can be crafted into vegetable starch in the cooking station. It can be broken down  into 5 adhesives.

Wolfe: Holy hell. No I didn’t.

Sacae: Haha, well now you know. Oh wait, you traded the game in. So, it doesn’t matter.

Sacae: So anyways, I had no Tatos, which are needed. So, meta-gaming even more. I remembered a farm near-by had tons of those. Abernathy Farm, is right near Sanctuary and has lots of Tatos. Meta-gaming more, I also didn’t want to be friends with them yet. Too many settlements early sucks. So I was just going in to steal the Tatos and run away.

Wolfe: I am surprised I never stole anything in the game…

Sacae: Well, it’s not really stealing, no red text. But, for the sake of logic and roleplaying it pretty much is what I was planning to do. Anyways, it matters even less in this game. The karma system is gone, so the only bad thing from taking red text is if you have a good person following. *cough*Piper*cough*. Who will dislike you if you steal.

Wolfe: Right… Karma must be something from previous Fallout games.

Guards probably don’t like it either though.

Sacae: Totally didn’t know this was you first fallout. Um, yes the other two (3 and New Vegas) had karma system. Well, guards don’t matter if you are sneaky.

Wolfe: I’m fat. Dunno how to be sneaky.

Sacae: Speaking of which, this is also the first Fallout you can change your body type. Random fact.

So back to my stealing Tatos for farming  adhesives.

Well, the bad thing is I’m kind of breaking the flow of the game with the amount of meta-gaming at this point, but Fallout 4 weather system kind of turned it into a role-play experience.

By the time I got to the farm, there was a radiation storm about. I’m suddenly reminded of bandits who use the cover of sandstorms to raid villages.

So here I am, sneaking into the farm, under the cover of a radiation storm, stealing food from my neighbor, and running away. I made it out before the storm too, so it worked just like that.

Felt cool.

Wolfe: So you decided to be a raider for a day. Closest I got was when I was in a set of raider power armor.


Sacae: Why would you use raider power armor? I think it’s worse than the T-45 you start with.

Wolfe: Stat wise it is actually the same as the T-45.

Sacae: Really?

Wolfe: Yup.

Sacae: Don’t believe you, but I’ll look it up later. Your turn.

Wolfe: Sorry I lied. T-45 has better Energy Resistance and weighs less than the Raider. But damage resist is the same!

Sacae: Looks ugly anyways.

Wolfe: That it does… So let’s see… my turn now…

Oh I remember my little time exploring and running out of ammo completely in my first playthrough of the game.

As you probably know you often get too much ammo of weapons you don’t use or are weaker than just poking an enemy.

Well I felt like I was being smart by trying to keep at least one gun of every ammo type on me. But because of that I often stopped paying attention to how much ammo I actually had on me. Now usually that wasn’t a problem because ammo dropped like candy most of the time. It was every where.

Sacae: I don’t think I ever ran out of ammo. I usually only use 2-3 different ammo types, but I keep stock of them pretty well.

Wolfe: I was a complete idiot somehow probably because it was my first playthrough… compared to ones after it at least… I was in the outskirts of Boston, way too damn early, I believe at a sinkhole and was just casually strolling around killing anything that moved before jumping into the sinkhole and going into some caverns.

Which happened to also be the first time I ever met an irradiated enemy. I don’t know if I was low level or using horrible weapons at the time but it took me near death a few times and took a bit to kill. Well these caverns were also filled with Mirelurks which I had only seen like once or twice before really. Well going back to my probably crappy weapons of the time it took quite a bit to break through those shells of theirs for me.

I barely noticed or cared when my pistol ran out of ammo and cringed a little when my pipe rifle ran out as well. I still had other weapons but y’know I liked those ones.

Sacae: Hate hate hate pipe weapons.

Wolfe: I learned after that first playthrough, and after finding good weapons, so did I.

Anyway this cavern ended up in this one room. At first nothing special right? Well kill a couple more mirelurks, flip a switch to open a door, and then jump back into the room.

BAM! Suddenly I am face to face with a Mirelurk Queen.

Sacae: Hahaha, you are screwed.

Wolfe: Oh GOD was I.


Power Armor, Minigun, and open space not included.


Obviously first time I saw it I was just like “Oh…. fuck.” and it ended in like thirty seconds from her poison.

Second and third time running into her were not much better, I thought of loading outside of the place but lucky me all my saves were INSIDE of those tunnels.

It was the third time running into her I realized just how low my ammo reserves were by that point in those caverns. Because the first two times I died so fast I didn’t even get a chance to notice. But I pretty much had enough ammo for only like five shots from my sniper, which despite my shitty other weapons was actually kind of good, and then like one full round from I think it was an SMG or whatever it was.

Of course I could have just skipped her. I mean I opened the door I could just run out. But I was stubborn and HAD TO FIGHT HER… even if I only had like enough ammo to kill a stupid mole rat.

So there I was dodging her attacks as best as I could trying to find a way to fight her when I got into this one spot that because of either a bug or because she was too damn big maybe she just couldn’t reach me. Her poison hit some rocks above me and she couldn’t reach me with her swing attack. So all I had to watch out for was her little spawn things she summoned.

Sacae: I killed a Supermutant Behemoth by also being someplace he couldn’t hit me. Hahah. Love when you find those spots.

Wolfe: I sometimes feel like they are bugs but it could just be bad AI. Who knows.

Well all I could do against her after about a minute was literally just punch her to death because I had no ammo anymore.

I learned that day how painfully slow it is to kill something, probably insanely higher level than you, with your fists and no boosts to said melee stats.

And I did actually kill it! Though thanks to my luck I died from her poison as soon as I moved because I wasn’t paying attention. After that I just opened the door and ran because I didn’t want to go through it again.

Sacae: I recently fought a Miralurk Queen fives times trying to fix my first major bug. Like, I killed it five times re-doing the mission. They are not easy bosses I feel. But I was lowish level.

The poison is killer. Very much.

But, that should do it for this post.

Wolfe: Yeah we probably dragged this out for a bit already.

Thanks everyone for reading Stories from the Commonwealth Part One! We shall return soon!

Sacae: Bye, I may appear again.



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