Fallout 4: Stories from the Commonwealth (Part Two)

Wolfe: Welcome back, everyone!

Today is yet another Stories from the Commonwealth post featuring me and the vampire, Sacae.

Sacae: I mean, it’s night, I’m safe. Let’s do this. You go first this time.

Wolfe: I suppose that is fair.

Alright everyone! Onwards with the second part of the Stories of the Commonwealth!


Wolfe: So this would probably be in my like… third or fourth playthrough. I was deep in Boston and this time, compared to my first playthrough, easily walking through everything.

Well at one point in Boston you can pick up one of those transmitted signals or whatever. One of them leads you to a certain skyscraper to go rescue someone.

Sacae: This when you get Strong?

Wolfe: Yup, the very one.

Sacae: I liked that mission, go on.

Wolfe: So pretty much, for those who may not have done it or whatever, you essentially are fighting up through the floors of this skyscraper going through groups of Supermutants. This time around I am having no problems fighting so I am just tearing through them really.

Going along I end up at the top where Strong is being held captive, along with some nobody…

Sacae: Hey that nobody does Shakespeare

Wolfe: So did I. But I don’t like talking about High School much.

Sacae: I mean, it takes some kind of balls or broken mind to read out Shakespeare as you are getting attacked.

Wolfe: Broken mind for 200.

Anyway! So I am rescuing these two and at one point we head to one of those window washer things that go up and down buildings.

Sacae: This is my favorite part of the mission, go on.

Wolfe: Well I think, “Alright this can’t be too bad, we’ll just stroll on down this way.”

And it does that… but on one different condition from how I am pretty sure it was meant to happen.

Strong decided to just… jump off the window washer.

Sacae: That Beth AI.

Wolfe: I know, right? So there I am freaking the hell out cause I am honestly wondering if I am supposed to follow him or not.

Of course I have hordes of Supermutants shooting at me from the building and I am still freaking out like “WHAT THE HELL?!”

Slowly but surely me and Shakespeare 2.0 make our way down and just waiting there as if he didn’t do a god damned thing in the world is Strong.

I was so pissed at him I never actually used him as a companion.


Sacae: I never found the logic of having a Supermutant following you anyways. If it were real, all of Diamond City would try to kill him. More so, I mean they banned ghouls in that city, I’m sure they wouldn’t let me walk in with a Supermutant.

Wolfe: I am pretty sure Diamond City is full of flakes.

Sacae: That mission to get Strong was probably one of my first really cool moments in the game, for me. I found the downward ride on the window washer, with the old guy doing his play reading, and Supermutants attacking to be cool combo. Also I had a killer hunting rifle. So I was just on the washer VATSing 1-2 shotting the Supermutants looking like a badass. Plus a good song was playing on my Pip-boy.

Wolfe: I don’t actually remember using my Pip-boy for music…

Anyway, Sacae got a story for us?

Sacae: No, I’m just here to look pretty.

Wolfe: Wouldn’t put it past you.

Sacae: Fine. I’ll do a story. About my boyfriend companion. Okay?

Wolfe: Please tell me your boyfriend was Hancock.

Sacae: Haha, nope. Mine is probably an unpopular companion. MacCready. But, he has a reason to be unpopular to the Fallout 3 gamers returning.

Wolfe: Really not sure if he would be or not. I mean visually other than maybe Danse or Preston I can’t say he is bad. But I am a guy and I was flirting with an “Irish” woman.

Sacae: Well, I know you didn’t play Fallout 3, so him being unpopular has nothing to do with looks. I’ll give a little history here. (Also, why would I date Buzz Lightyear and Preston-worse-character?)

So, MacCready is from Fallout 3, in which he was a kid in a town called Little Lamplight. A town full of only kids. And he was the mayor. And a very annoying kid at that. Who you had to deal with in the main quest because of silly reasons really.

So, people seeing him again might not be keen on him, haha.

Wolfe: OK that makes sense. His personality was also annoying. To hell if I am going to BUY a companion.

Sacae: Haha, well he was more annoying in 3, to me. Personally, I think he aged well. Also, he is a merc, why not pay him?

But, he has, so far, been my go to companion, mostly because he doesn’t dislike me a lot. His morals/whatever match my character pretty well in the playthrough I kept him around. Unlike Piper and Cogsworth, he doesn’t mind if I keep speech checking for more caps. (Seriously, stop disliking me for that Cogsworth.) Plus MacCready even likes that! And he doesn’t mind if I help someone out. (Looking at you Cait).

Anyways, in my longest playthrough, i used him, and he became my boyfriend at the perfect moment in the perfect mission for me.

Do you know The Silver Shroud mission?

Wolfe: That the one in Hancock’s town over the radio? Steal some costume or some such?

Sacae: Yep, in Goodneighbor.  Did you do it all?

Wolfe: I think I just got the costume. I never turned back on the radio after.

Sacae: Okay, so after you get the costume and turn it in, the next step in the mission is to put the costume on and go be Silver Shroud dealing out justice. Seriously.


Wolfe: Interesting.

Sacae: The best part, is you always have one dialog choice that is ‘Speak as the Silver Shroud.’ So you dressed up as an old radio superhero and speaking like him. Both male and female voice actors do this cheesy voice for it to, I think it’s more priceless as the female. Loved her cheesy voice.

So one of the crimes I’m solving is this drug dealer who is selling drugs to kids. And my line is a cheesy voiced “Stop dealing to kids or /face my wrath/.” And then MacCready chimes in. “If my leader says so, then I’m taking you down.” (Clearly I don’t remember the lines exactly.) And I even get the ‘MacCready liked that.’ From this dialog choice.

After we kill the drug dealer, he has max affection and I get his perk, and get my chance to flirt with him to be my boyfriend.

The timing was awesome to me. As I’m here dressed in cosplay, acting with cheesy voiced lines, dealing justice.


Wolfe: That is such a cheesy nerd moment!

Like imagine that happening outside of a game.

Sacae: It was perfect. Probably will make MacCready my favorite so far, just for how it all came together.

Wolfe: Piper is the only one I maxed out affection with. I seem to recall it happening because I unlocked a door or lock box somewhere.

Sacae: Not as memorable. Haha. But that should do it for this post.

Wolfe: Yup. On the next post we may even have a guest writer!

Sacae: Can I drink his blood?

Wolfe: Woah there vampire.

At least wait until he tells his story.

Sacae: Fine…..



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