Fallout 4: Stories from the Commonwealth (Part Three)

Wolfe: Hello, Everyone!

Welcome back to yet another edition of, a hopefully not awful to read, Stories from the Commonwealth.

Sacae: I’m alive and here, joy.

Wolfe: Vampires can live? Interesting.

Well as I mentioned in our last post today we are going to be joined by a guest writer/little person we kidnapped from Crunchyroll.

Sacae: Can I drink his blood?

Wolfe: I told you to wait.

Alright Grauger go ahead and say hi.

Grauger: Hello. I am the one known as Grauger. Though I don’t remember being a little person.

Wolfe: Maybe I should have said youngin’.

Anyway! We are bantering up here in the start.

Let’s get this third post started! Obviously because of three people. It may end up longer than the rest.

And by may. I mean it will.


Wolfe: Starting off today will be our guest Grauger.

Because Sacae hasn’t gotten a story yet in her head.

And I am lazy.

So Grauger. Start us off!

Sacae: I believe in you.

Grauger: Too bad my story will put yours to shame then. My story has everything you could ever want too. Romance, Passion, and Action! Anyways this takes place a decent way into my playthrough at somewhere around level 50 or something, I don’t keep track.

Wolfe: I can’t even remember if I made it to 50…

Sacae: I haven’t even hit 25, with my restartitis.

Grauger: Well besides me not abandoning my character, at my time in my journey I was finally ready to do some of the more interesting stuff besides exploring the map. So after a couple days time of playtime I did some of the story missions and eventually unlocked the next section of the Brotherhood of Steel quest line.

Sacae: Ah the jacket story?

Grauger: Excuse me? It’s a coat.

Sacae: Fiiiiine, go on.

Grauger: Anyways, continuing on. I had finally reached the HQ of the BOS, keeping in mind that I was planning on siding with the Railroad, I was quite pleased with the sight from up in the sky and looking down on the pathetic mortals of the Commonwealth (I was level 50 or so and had a God complex at the time). After talking to some plebs I was finally able to meet the main man, Elder Maxson. Some people might first notice his big arms or the fact that he’s not elderly at all, I took notice to the more important issue at hand, his coat. Now, before we continue on with this story, let me tell you that this coat is a magnificent coat and I instantly fell in love with it (sorry Cait). I knew I had to have it quite badly. So after about 30 seconds of weighing the pros and cons, I decided that I was ready to eradicate the BOS from the Commonwealth for the coat, I mean to stop their misguided ideas.

Sacae: Can I first say how silly that is? And second, I’m surprised you can do this to Maxson. Mainly because Beth has a habit of making important people unkillable in their recent games. Stormcloak you meet a few times and can’t kill, because he is too ‘important’ for the civil war questline. And believe me, I’ve seen people want to kill him right off the bat.

The fact you can meet the head of the Brotherhood of Steel and kill him legit, is kind of a weird thing for Beth. As weird as your reason for doing so. Did it break the game in any way?

Wolfe: I personally think it is a great reason.

Grauger: Well I may have glitched out the Railroad questline but I’m still unsure if that was the direct cause. As far as killing the leader of a faction goes, you can do that with any of the factions (haven’t tried the minutemen yet). Though as to why Beth has allowed this, that’s spoilers because I have actually beaten the game.

Sacae: Ah alright, that makes sense I guess. Also, is Maxson a returning kid from Fallout 3?

Grauger: I am not sure actually. I was probably in my mid-teens last time I seriously played Fallout 3 but I imagine a quick google search would net you some answers.

Sacae: Ah kids. Too lazy I am. Go on with your story.

Grauger: Alright, now where was I? Oh yeah, when I took up the wings of justice to free the coat from the vile chest of Maxson. While I probably could’ve done the slaughter then and there, I wanted to do this in style and needed a reason to break out the X-01 power armor. So after a quick trip back to Sanctuary and many materials later. I arrived back on the airship in a nice set of fully upgraded power armor and my handy dandy Gauss Rifle. Being the nice guy I am I didn’t immediately open fire on organization and went to confront the man himself. Sadly, unlike Fallout 3 (if you guys remember the sheriff of Megaton and his hat), you can’t confront him about wanting the coat which was a real shame.

Sacae: God, the mega-gaming I did to get that coat in Megaton without losing any karma and getting a key to the weapon shed. And the hat! Sorry, go on.

Grauger: Don’t worry, the dialogue system isn’t something I’ll go into cause that’s review stuff but continuing on.

I entered VATS and blew the head off the man in one shot and took the coat. Finally the real villain of the Commonwealth was eradicated. Naturally I decided to leave no job unfinished and proceeded to kill off everyone else. Let me say though, they were surprisingly weak but that may have something to do with my level and equipment.

Wolfe: Maybe… y’know… that small little level difference.

Sacae: The cool thing about Beth games is people play it differently. Like how Grauger is nearly level 50 and just now getting to this part of the game…….

Grauger: Yeah Fallout has some good options like that.

Now to finish my story, I had done it, I had killed them all. After some sorting of the inventory and spoils of war I went back to my home base to upgrade that sweet new coat thanks to the abilities bestowed upon me after doing some of the Railroad quests. Naturally I was quite pleased with the coat and wore it for the rest of the game.

There were some repercussions to this of course. Something about Vertibirds flying and popping up every once and awhile trying to kill me. Naturally a few shots of the Gauss Rifle dealt with this problem easily. But let’s face it, despite what Sacae may say, that coat was pretty sweet and totally worth the trouble.


Wolfe: I completely agree. If I hadn’t traded in the game already I probably would have done the same thing honestly. But… I am me. I traded in.

Sacae: I mean….it’s not that cool of a jacket anyways.

Wolfe: COAT!

Sacae: Whatever, who goes next?

Wolfe: Hmm… Let’s see…

Perhaps we should have our guest decide?

Grauger: Let’s let Sacae go for it and see if she can somehow top my story of how the OTP of me and my coat met.

Sacae: Well I can’t, so let’s get that out of the way. My story is going to be about my first major bug in the game. I hinted at this in the first post, the bug ended up with me re-doing a quest five times to try and fix it and Mirelurk Queens can go eat something lewd.

Grauger: Mirelurk Queens are pretty tough at first. Especially that poison.

Sacae: Is there a level you think you should be to take on the one in Taking Independence?

Grauger: Well as long as you have a couple perks into a weapon perk and have plenty of stimpacks then you shouldn’t have too much trouble I think. Though I recommend having a sniper rifle to get it from range after running away.

Sacae: Okay, so my status at the time: Level 16, pistol build. The quest: Taking Independence. The bug: Fucking-Preston-Worse-Guy.

So, this is my first time doing the quest. In fact, my first time meeting a Mirelurk Queen. The only big creature I had ran into before that was a Super Mutant Behemoth near some random cars while walking to a quest point.

On, and I was playing on Very Hard for the first time. This was not going to be fun.

Grauger: Haven’t tried playing on Very Hard yet but I also haven’t restarted like 5 times already.

Sacae: Yea this restart I wanted to challenge myself. Though going for pistol build was not the best idea.

Anyways. This mission wasn’t too hard at first. The first attempt I tried the ‘draw them out’ opinion. And pretty much got me and the two others that can die murdered by a football team of mirelurks charging us.

Second attempt I did the pincer attack. This worked out way better. (Also I should mention I did go and get my power armor for this.) And we go about kill the eggs, with those annoying little buggers coming out. One nest has a Legendary Mirelurk right next to it. Death, try three.

Repeat same start, run out of the building so the two alive members can help me with the Legendary. Back to annoying eggs.

The whole building shakes…..”Um, what was that?”

Enter the Mirelurk Queen. Now, I didn’t know about the rocket launcher in one of the rooms.

Grauger: There was one of those? Never knew.

Wolfe: Me either…

Sacae: Because of coming bug, I have finished this quest five times. You learn things.

Anyway, poison, yea yea. Death.

So now I know there is this boss. I set up the pincer attack and go set up mines where the Queen spawns. I have 5 grenades, 4 mines, pistols. And my power armor feels useless on Very Hard when the Legendary can two shot me.

So, by ducking and diving into the building and eating two stimpacks each time my health is diving due to poison, I manage to kill the Queen. YAY! I retook the Castle. That was fun….oh I don’t have the things to make Power. I go home get stuff, come back get the radio power. Preston is like, good job.

He admires me now! And I got his next conversation as a companion. Hey let’s trade!…..why are you giving me choices? Why only one-liners…..where is my next quest….why won’t you follow me…..

Fuck me.

So. I accepted the quest when he was following me. And I’m think…that bugged him out? Or may cause I relied on quick saving in the battle? Danse also bugged into a corner and wouldn’t move when I quicksave in Fire Support. Maybe if I get Cogsworth to follow me into the mission it will reset Preston.

Lots of maybes, because I had no saves but during the mission and one three hours earlier before I did massive settlement management on six settlements. Which I didn’t want to redo.

I redid the mission five times. To the point the Mirelurk Queen felt routine to me, the Mirelurks at the start had no chance. And suddenly I feel like I’m playing Dark Souls and I figured out the Boss pattern and can do it blind.

I never want to do that quest again. So, I have again restarted, because I lost the flow of that playthrough. Also, I can’t get Preston’s perk…I can’t do more Minutemen if I wanted…he has loot on him I can’t take off!

But, Minutemen questline sucks anyways. So whatever. Restarted. Story done.


This time Power Armor and space included!

Grauger: Sacae… I’m not sure if you know this, but Beth just patched the quest just the other day as of December 9…

Sacae: Fuck me, Fuck my stupidity, Fuck Preston………..the pain. No longer have the saves.

Grauger: Well I personally wouldn’t engage in carnal relations with Preston but if you want to go for it.

Sacae: Nah, Preston is the worse character in the game so far. Even before all this.

Wolfe: Need me some of that chocolate…

Oh wait wrong crowd.

Sacae: Now as I cry from knowledge of the patch two days ago. Grauger, why tell me that……Wolfe your turn or whatever. I’m going into a corner.

Grauger: I only say it because I care and not because I enjoy seeing your painful reactions to this news.

Wolfe: We’ve raised a sadist…

Sacae: Can I drink his blood NOW?

Graguer: I would rather not become a vampire…

Sacae: Nah I’d make you into a Ghoul. Dang now I want to go watch Hellsing. Anyways, go Wolfe.

Wolfe: Right. Me.

I don’t really have any other big stories that I can remember. Not like my story with Strong or the Mirelurk Queen at least.

Sacae: Well this is running long….

Wolfe: Quite a bit longer than our others probably.

Sacae: I’m also out of stories. I may have more later, but you traded in the game so you won’t. So. I guess this will be a three part series then. Thanks guest for joining us, I may kidnap him for the review as well. Warning in advance and what-not.

Grauger: Thanks for having me.

Wolfe: Yup thanks for joining us Grauger.

The final part of these series of posts will be our review over game. Going into details of the gameplay, story, bugs, etc etc. Usual mumbo jumbo.

Thanks readers for following so far!



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