Artwork Extravaganza #33

Wow have I really gone over thirty of these things already…

Probably because it is such an easy/lazy post to do.


So this Nowi randomly showed up for me the other day and it reminded me the next Fire Emblem game is on its way.

And my body is ready.


This reminded me that the last episode of Working was to be an hour long special.

I also do not remember if it has already aired or if it hasn’t when it is meant to.


For fans of the mobile Fate Grand/Order game apparently this lovely little Lancer was recently released.

Though I have no idea if she is still in the game or not.

She was probably a limited time one.


My body wants more Magi.

Or at least just more Morgiana.


Fans of Shokugeki no Souma. Like myself. Are probably excited at the news of another season.


I am a fan of this artist.

Though some of the picture set ups are…

Well… Interesting?



Wait… have you?

I can’t remember.

Now I feel like I need to rewatch all of Yuru Yuri to find out.


About StoneWolfe6211

I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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