Looking Back Over 2015 Anime – The Good and The Bad

So it seems to be a bit of a trend I am seeing to talk about your favorite anime over the year or to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whichever though since this is my first full year as a blogger I thought I would do the same.

Of course I probably should have started this post earlier but who cares. My biggest debates were should I do all good? Do the good, bad, and ugly? One post? Multiple Posts?

What I ended up with was The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. But without the ugly… and just putting it all up into one post because… well I am lazy.

Now clearly there were plenty of good and plenty of bad all of which is of course only my opinion of the shows being shown here. As such to keep it from being like… 20+ good and 40+ bad I will narrow it down to just 5 of each so this isn’t some like 5k+ word post.


The Good:

Despite me saying multiple times throughout the year that this year was awful my “The Good” list filled fairly quickly, with me naming easily 10 shows that I thought were good, and that was even without counting the CGDCT shows which I left aside because if I added them that would pretty much be the list.

So let’s get this rolling starting out with:

One Punch Man


OPM was a odd surprise for me.

As I stated pretty much through it airing I am not generally a fan of heavy action shows, usually I gravitate towards slice of life type shows, so me ending up loving OPM as much as I did sort of shocked me.

Now of course OPM wasn’t entirely heavy action as it was also pretty heavy comedy given the running gag of Saitama beating (nearly) everyone in literally just one punch made me laugh harder than I probably should have most of the time.

At times the show was visually stunning while at others it looked much like rough sketches thrown into the show at the last moment it seemed. Oddly those “rough sketched” looks worked well in the show somehow so it rarely dejected from the show itself.

I also enjoyed the OP music and the other characters in the show were enjoyable.

A part of me hopes we get more of OPM in the future since I was led to believe the following arc it pretty amazing. But as I have learned through the past… I won’t exactly hold my breath for this either.


Akagami no Shirayuki-hime


Shirayuki was definitely a great hit in the shoujo genre for this year. The cast worked well with each other and delivered an amazing show.

The colors were rich and vibrant and the story, despite what some may have said, was pretty decent I thought. Shirayuki and Zen complimented each other greatly and Shirayuki herself was absolutely brilliant to watch through the season.

The backgrounds and visuals were top tier for me and throw them into a fantasy setting which is one of my favorite possible genres and it ended up practically as an instant hit for me only a couple of episodes in. These combined with the music and tone of the show created perfect moods in most scenes of the show.

With a second season/split cour on its way next season I am highly looking forward to what else the show will give us later.


Death Parade


With the whole game of death aspect Death Parade gave us it ended up as my favorite of its particular season.

The show had a fun and enjoyable cast that showed the truly ugly side of humans when faced with saving their own life and sacrificing another in order to do such.

What I also really enjoyed about Death Parade at the time was its enjoyment stayed consistent. Most shows have highs and lows but for me Death Parade just stayed steady the entire time.

It had probably my favorite OP of the entire year and the dark tones in the visuals helped set the mood for the dark undertones of the story about judging people after death.


Shokugeki no Souma


Shokugeki was perhaps my favorite show this year, outside of the CGDCT series at least, and a good portion of my love of the show carried over from the manga, which I was reading before the show aired, and back into the manga after the show was done.

The show was immensely entertaining with a well rounded cast that was mostly all lovable in some form or another. Add onto that cast the “foodgasm” shots when they ate great (or not so great) food it really was top notch.

Not to mention I believe I heard somewhere we will be getting more Shokugeki soon so that will be a great thing especially since everything past where the anime ended is still top notch.



Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan


Rakudai came out this year ending up tied with OPM for best of the Fall season.

The vibrant colors and fun cast on top of a top notch animation made this show what it was for me. Stella was an amazing character that easily was the best female of her season and would probably be fighting Shirayuki for favorite of the year.

The rest of the cast complimented Stella and Ikki perfectly giving a good mix of romance, action, and comedy. Though on the surface, and even really digging into it a bit, Rakudai was nothing more than your typical LN High School Battle series it still soured better than I expected.

Though they left the show at an ending that hints at more in the future as I have already noted I won’t be holding my breath at all waiting for it to come.


The Bad:

So originally writing this list I had anticipated 10 per list but that ended up being insanely long so I chopped it in half instead. But that original 10 was surprisingly actually hard to think about when it came to “The Bad”. I think that is because the truly bad shows I ended up dropping early on, like one to three episodes early, and that obviously gives a different outlook on things compared to what finished up to the end.

As such I chose the shows I thought were truly awful this year whether I finished them or not. Because there are just some shows out there even if you don’t finish them you know they were awful.

Much like:

Triage X


About the only safe image I could find…


Triage X was… well it was absolutely awful really.

Massively unrealistic sized breasts that did not fit on the bodies they were attached to.

An awful premiere that was honestly just a giant cock tease and male fantasy about dominating and humiliating women.

How some people finished it was beyond me. How some of them even liked it makes me question humanity.


Nisekoi 2nd Season


It wasn’t really any secret I enjoyed the first season of Nisekoi.

But the second season ended up exactly as I expected… a giant waste of time.

The second season was all over the place with no semblance of a plot anywhere and anything that was worked up in the first season, such as the key and pendant plot, any of the girls feelings towards Raku, any sort of relationships, all of it went no where or wasn’t even mentioned often in the second season.

A part of me hoped this would have made Nisekoi finally end but it seemed to do nothing to the mangaka who continued to spout out crap each week that still topped charts. Which is sad because that probably means another season full of bullshit will eventually come down the line.


Gunslinger Stratos


With a story that was a giant clusterfuck and characters that barely complimented each other it is honestly amazing I even remotely finished this show.

Besides being a waste of time I thought nothing about it was really that good. It threw things everywhere at you and in my opinion led nowhere.

Yet somehow it seemed to be fairly popular in certain sections which I think astounded me more than the show itself being so awful.




Despite the fact I was enjoying Charlotte at the beginning it quickly degraded into something I have to say I adamantly detested.

While I did not hate it as much as the others on this list it had a horrible ending with a cast I could care less about.

I can say it was visually good but the story and plot had so many holes it was falling apart.

Really thinking back my favorite part was probably when the main girl got slapped around.




Not… even really sure where I should start with this.

Well first off it was… an awful adaptation. I mean it was horrible and nothing was right really in my opinion.

The story was terrible and repetitive and incoherent.

Characters were bland and uninteresting.

Any music in it as well as the OP and ED were pretty bad and forgettable.

And really the only thing good about the entire series was the cat girl… who was obviously censored because she was naked like 90% of the time.

Well that wraps up this post. I could probably do another post but I think I will just leave it at this for now as the rest of the “bad” I thought of were more just uninteresting or didn’t follow through in the end but were still alright overall.

Now it is time to look towards the new year and what plans I will brew up.



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