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Winter 2016 Anime: Third Episode Round-Up

Hello Everyone!

The third episodes for the season are underway and I have to say… so far it seems like a more or less solid season.

But I think that is less because there are great shows and bad shows as much as everything is sort of average. So there isn’t such a big gap between what is good and bad this season.

Anyway lets get started!

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Manga Ramblings: Digging in the Dark

Hello Everyone!

Today I felt like doing another Manga Ramblings post. The topic will be going over series that have no real easy way to read (legally and to my knowledge) short of going to “The Dark Side”. It also definitely has nothing to do with digging really.

Most readers of manga realize that short of understanding Japanese and paying international shipping to bring yourself manga from Japan our options in the states are slim.

Of course this is changing rapidly with more and more series being serialized stateside and quite a few of them are even obscure titles that are not necessarily popular. Thus making me quickly fill my two bookcases with manga series I can actually hold in my hand.

But sadly even with that being the case there is just almost no way for the states to get every single manga that comes out from Japan. As such this often turns us to what is affectionately called “The Dark Side” where fan-translated versions of these manga show up for convenient reading.

Now as I said these are, to my knowledge, only available in the states by reading fan translated versions. They are also personal favorites.

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Artwork Extravaganza #34

Hello Everyone!

As if it wasn’t completely obvious I sort of disappeared again.

Though… it wasn’t so much as I couldn’t think of anything to write about as much as… I just didn’t?

Like the last two weeks at least I have put the minimal amount of effort possible into everything. I was surprised I even pushed out my first impression posts honestly.

Not to mention mood swings that would make a bipolar person seem stable running my day to day life lately are not exactly the best moments to try to be social.

But I do have a sort of obligation to this blog and want to at least appease to my like five readers so I am going to put out a post that takes the least amount of effort today.

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Winter 2016 Anime — First Episode Impressions (Part Four)

And thus begins what will be my last jump into simulcasts first episodes for this season.

If there is anything else that I missed and gets a lot of praise, and I want to bother checking it out, I will then watch it. But otherwise this was way more than I intended to watch anyway.



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Winter 2016 Anime — First Episode Impressions (Part Three)


Unlike yesterday today I am not reluctant to get started on my simulcasts.

Perhaps because there is actually something I was wanting to see?

That or I am just in a better mood today.

Either way let’s get this started!



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Winter 2016 Anime — First Episode Impressions (Part Two)

Today I reluctantly begin another set of simulcasts to watch.

Dunno why I am really reluctant. Just no drive to watch anything I guess?

Despite that though I will do my best to be fair to what I watch!

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Winter 2016 Anime — First Episode Impressions (Part One)

It is that time of the season where I start digging through new shows and figuring out what is actually good and bad. Not to mention arguing over on Twitter and CR forums about how my tastes rarely match up with anyone else.

I was going to hold off on posting honestly but there is enough out now that if I waited I would either have one insanely long post or be doing multiple posts on one day or something.

So far the season really doesn’t seem to be off to a great start. With very few shows being liked over on Twitter and CR forums being split between everything is shit or everything is great.

Well let’s get this underway with my thoughts!

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Searching Ahead for the Start of 2016 Anime

So with the new year brings us new anime starting soon with the Winter 2016 anime. As usual I tend to do a little post indicating the shows that I personally am looking forward to watching.

At a glance it seems that Winter is not going to offer me much really. With only one show I am caught up on continuing on and only five or so shows that I am looking forward towards seeing.

But as always each season tends to bring a few interesting titles into the mix that either the story or art that make me curious.

So let’s start this off:




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