Winter 2016 Anime — First Episode Impressions (Part One)

It is that time of the season where I start digging through new shows and figuring out what is actually good and bad. Not to mention arguing over on Twitter and CR forums about how my tastes rarely match up with anyone else.

I was going to hold off on posting honestly but there is enough out now that if I waited I would either have one insanely long post or be doing multiple posts on one day or something.

So far the season really doesn’t seem to be off to a great start. With very few shows being liked over on Twitter and CR forums being split between everything is shit or everything is great.

Well let’s get this underway with my thoughts!


Phantom World – Myriad of Colors

Straight away I seem to be the odd man out for Phantom World. With so many people instantly hating KyoAni and any type of fanservice this show apparently is rock bottom for most people already.

For me though I really enjoyed it. The characters were fun, the differing powers they had was interesting, thanks to it being KyoAni the animation and visuals are top notch.

Really there was nothing I disliked about the show, except for maybe how much others were disliking it, and I will probably follow this through the season.



Oji-san to Marshmallow

Something I like to do jokingly sometimes is give awards to shows based on their first episodes. Kind of like what people do at the end of a season with Best Girl, Anime of the Season, etc etc.

Well for me, and luckily a couple of others, I have already given this show awards such as Best Couple, Anime of the Season, Possible Anime of the Year, Best Female Character, Best Short, and things like that.

Despite being a short of only three and a half minutes I really enjoyed the premiere and the characters and situations were top notch entertaining.

I am going to really enjoy watching this show.



Active Raid

Well I can give Active Raid the benefit of being fairly visually decent.

But aside from that… it really wasn’t much else.

The characters were fairly flat and boring for me. The story, if there was one, was all over the place, and it didn’t give me much of a desire of wanting to come back to it.

Guess we shall see if this continues on or not.



Oshiete! Galko-chan


What did I just watch?

Those were some disturbing conversations at some points.

Not really sure if I will keep this one or not. The only character I liked was the non airheaded friend. The comedy also was a complete miss for me.




So I could easily tear this show apart with its bad animation, lazy visuals, and bland characters…

But I think it would be easier to just say going from episode one this show will not be good and I will not be following it.

So hoorah to first official drop of the season for me!



Dagashi Kashi

This ended up a lot better than I had anticipated!

I was a little worried with the material of the show that it wouldn’t actually go well over in an anime format but it did great.

The characters are fun and hilarious and I will be loving every moment of this show I can already tell.

As for the current episode premieres this one is easily my favorite next to Ojisan and Marshmallow.

Really only problem I see is whether there is enough material or not.


Going to go ahead and end this post here.

Don’t feel like throwing up more than this per post and I need to save some for the next post that will be out either tomorrow or Sunday.

Still to watch/air that I can recall:




Divine Gate

Aokana Four Rhythm



Dimension W




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