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Winter 2016 Anime: Are We Still Watching?

Hello Everyone!

So since the release of Fates over a week ago, family members going in and out of the hospital for the last three weeks, and assorted plans of mine cropping up that required my attention, including but not limited to Kizumonogatari, I have not been really keeping up with most of my seasonal anime.

A few shows is about it the rest are three or more episodes behind. Which got me thinking really of when should I consider a show dropped?

Some of these shows that are behind I do plan to eventually spare the time to watch but some others I have almost no major urge to return to. But it isn’t like I disliked the show when I was watching it or anything, some I even liked after all, it just doesn’t seem to give off that “I must watch this!” vibe I guess?

So what I am going to do is list pretty much all the anime I can think of for the season and just say where I am at with them and if they are behind what I plan to do with them.


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Artwork Extravaganza #37

Hello Everyone!

With Fates out I am getting seriously distracted from any sort of blog work.

Add onto that dealing with both my mother (who I am at the point of giving up on due to her stubbornness) and my sister and both of their after care needed from their hospital visits and… well just nothing is getting done at all.

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The Legend of Legacy, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I started working on this post a few days ago but things got in the way and it isn’t out until today, the day where I get distracted by Fire Emblem: Fates.

And so I can get to Fates and lose my life until Bless comes save me in a week for Kizumonogatari showing… Let’s get straight into the review.

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Artwork Extravaganza #36

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to the hospital visit this week for my sister I fell behind on what I was working on before so that may take a little while longer to finish before it is up.

Just so the blog isn’t dead silent for over a week again though I shall throw pretty pictures at your faces.

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Manga Ramblings: School Life

Hello Everyone!

Today I decided I would do one of my manga posts with the theme “School Life” which really gives me the wiggle room of just roughly about… oh… I dunno… seventy percent of all manga I have personally read?

Manga seems to immortalize the school scene, primarily that of high school, which I understand yes probably close to eighty to ninety percent of manga readers are in that age range and it was before you had to sell your life to whatever job you chose outside of school but we do like stuff outside of school with older characters… ooh I should do that as my next post…

Anyway. Onward with the current theme!

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Artwork Extravaganza #35

Welcome Everyone to another exciting adventure of: “I took random images that I found pretty from the internet and posted them here.”

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Winter 2016 Anime: Fifth Episode Knockout

Hello Everyone!

For those who for some reason do not know I have been busy the last week because of various hospital related complications with my mother and the week before that I was busy visiting family.

But I am back for now though there are still some issues with my mother right now and going to get back into blogging as best as I can.

I have though been splitting up more of my anime time into other avenues as such a lot of what I was watching this season I threw into the “will watch later” pile which I will go over in the post.

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