Manga Ramblings: School Life

Hello Everyone!

Today I decided I would do one of my manga posts with the theme “School Life” which really gives me the wiggle room of just roughly about… oh… I dunno… seventy percent of all manga I have personally read?

Manga seems to immortalize the school scene, primarily that of high school, which I understand yes probably close to eighty to ninety percent of manga readers are in that age range and it was before you had to sell your life to whatever job you chose outside of school but we do like stuff outside of school with older characters… ooh I should do that as my next post…

Anyway. Onward with the current theme!


Seitokai Yakuindomo

Takatoshi Tsuda attends Ōsai Academy, a high school that, due to declining birth rates, is converted from an all-girl school to a co-ed school (with a male-to-female ratio of 28:524). On his first day, he is forcibly recruited into the student council as the vice-president and sole male representative. The story follows Tsuda and the student council as they interact with each other and their schoolmates.

Starting out is Seitokai Yakuindomo. Which for anyone who has browsed my top anime list knows that the anime is one of my favorites.

This carries along into the manga which I started shortly after watching the first season.

It is a 4-koma comedy series that takes misunderstandings and dirty jokes to a new level while it dips it toes into some romantic feelings from certain characters, primarily all aimed at the main (and practically only) male character, Tsuda, but does so in a way that I enjoy.

If I really had any gripe to say about the series it would be… I think it would be better as more than a 4-koma? But I think that for most 4-koma’s so… that isn’t really much to gripe on I guess.

Outside of that I love the series and just wish that it would dip that foot further into some romance even if it had the potential to kill the series.




Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

The story is about class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School where every morning they greet their sensei with a massive firing squad. The sensei is a weird combination of an alien and a octopus that moves at speeds of mach-20. It turns out this creature was responsible for the destruction of the moon, rendering it forever in a crescent shape. He has announced that he will destroy the world in one year. The creature will teach class 3-E how to assassinate him before the year is over.

I had two directions I could have gone from SYD. Normal school situations or abnormal situations. Obviously I chose abnormal.

In this particular case we have a shunned class of middle school kids full of failures, obnoxious ones, or ones who fail to listen to authority out in a mountain classroom of some major school and their teacher is some weird yellow octopus looking creature that can move at mach-20.

The classes job is to assassinate this teacher.

Honestly I love AssClass. The story is fun and the characters are great. It does really well in handling its big reveals, such as Koro-sensei’s past, and it keeps your attention through the chapters.

Right now it seems to be winding down towards an interesting ending but that can all change on a tip of a hat really it seems as it winds down then picks back up and winds down again.




Boku no Hero Academia

The story is set in the modern day, except people with special powers have become commonplace throughout the world. A boy named Izuku Midoriya has no powers, but he still dreams.

Though it has been out for a while now I only recently got into the series itself.

As the synopsis says it is modern day life, so it includes going to school often for the kids that make up the cast, but people can have special powers that allow them to be heroes or villains which makes it abnormal from just any old school life series.

This one is a bit of a conundrum for me. On one hand it is really hit or miss for me I guess… but on the other hand the art, characters, and even story are all really great for me so I have no idea why it is really hit or miss.

I guess if I were to pinpoint the issue I have with the series is actually going into the characters and that some of them are… well no better than snot nosed brats and I don’t really care for snot nosed brats…



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