The Legend of Legacy, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I started working on this post a few days ago but things got in the way and it isn’t out until today, the day where I get distracted by Fire Emblem: Fates.

And so I can get to Fates and lose my life until Bless comes save me in a week for Kizumonogatari showing… Let’s get straight into the review.


The Story:

Legend of Legacy is a bit of a conundrum.

On one hand it has the look and feel of a great 3DS JRPG that even through the game tries to be more than it actually is.

But on the other hand the plot and characters have no depth what so ever and ends up wasting most of your precious time than anything.

Each of the seven characters you can choose/party with all have their own particular reasons for being involved within the story but they never get fully fleshed out making them all feel horribly out of place. This makes it difficult to get attached to any of the characters and reduces the attraction of replaying the game despite having seven character options.

The few bits of actual character growth are so intermittent across the game that by the time anything of note happens you have long since stopped caring about what it is.



Luckily for Legend of Legacy the gameplay makes up for the lack of story or depth.

While on first glance everything is fairly standard it actually has quite a few twists.

First the map system which fills in as you explore can be sold for large amount of coin in town which also from my experience was the best and mostly only way to make good money.

Meanwhile the combat aspect of the game was something I don’t think I have personally experienced.

While the turn based combat was nothing new, especially for a JRPG, the added effect of leveling skills, receiving stat boosts, and other such things through combat was a bit different.

On top of that where a lot of JRPGs I have played throw out general Tank/DPS/Healer roles for everyone just doing as much DPS as possible Legend of Legacy employs the trifecta almost requiring it for anything you do in the game.

Making fights more tactical like this compared to your average turn based game makes planning your round more of a necessity. Especially given that the game and it’s combat is no walk in the park and won’t hesitate to wipe your party out without warning.


All of that combat based skill and stat growth as well as tactical fighting results in a grand old grind fest for players. Which can clearly be a turn off for quite a few of the… not so huge JRPG fans.

There were times where I would grind for an hour or two for skills and stats. Not even to fight any boss either but just to survive the regular mobs on certain maps.

Even though most mobs can be easily bypassed not fighting them can end up being a huge mistake when you are suddenly up against a mini boss or boss whom can one shot you because you haven’t gained enough health.

Another large grind aspect of the game is the fact no direction is given to the players. You accept your quest and go to an area but from there you are alone. You have to explore, fight, and explore some more just to figure out what to do. Often without realizing whether or not you have properly completed a step or not.

Final Verdict:

Legend of Legacy is not for the casual player who can not stand a grind. Even then you have to be a large JRPG fan to probably have anything worth enjoying from the game.

While not entirely bad for me it didn’t meet a lot of expectations I put upon it by looking at the box art and hearing about it from others.

Overall I would give The Legend of Legacy a 6 out of 10 which it could have easily gotten higher with just some added investment into the story and character development.



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