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Winter 2016 Anime: It’s Finally Over

Hello Everyone!

I am not going to lie. This season was… awful for me.

What started with a few good shows and a plethora of meh shows dwindled itself down into a ugly pit of shows dropped through the season with only a handful surviving the purge and making it to the very end.

So let us get underway the last post for this season!


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Manga Ramblings: Love Stories

Hello Everyone!

Today I felt like talking about some manga.

Mostly because I am nowhere close to being able to talk about any of the other games I am playing right now and anime is… well anime is pretty much dead already for this season…

Though I originally had different manga I wanted to talk about I couldn’t easily pair them up so I scrapped them for now and will probably throw them in posts later.

Today’s theme is particularly about love stories but not perhaps your average boy meets girl in some average way type of story.

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Artwork Extravaganza #40

Hello Everyone!

I know I should really have more posts out other than just random pictures I find on the internet but… well I am lazy and busy at the moment so…

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Stardew Valley, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

I finally come out of the shadows of hiding behind pretty artwork pictures, done by others, and come into the light where the horrors of actually trying to blog properly lie.

Today I decided that I would review the game that has stolen most of my time outside of one other game and the numerous hospital visits I have had to attend this month.

This game is none other than Stardew Valley.


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Artwork Extravaganza #39

Hello Everyone!

I am a horrible person having not posted anything else over the last week.

Right now I am splitting up too much of my time across too many different things. But for sure this weekend I am going to park my ass and actually do some blog work.

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Artwork Extravaganza #38

Hello Everyone!

I have been thoroughly distracted thanks to Stardew Valley for the last few days.

So until I give myself time for a proper blog post.

Have some pictures instead!

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Fire Emblem Fates, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Have you ever played a game so much that you just know it is good? But when asked your brain is completely stumped on how to reply properly?

Well that is how I feel with Fates. Even after putting in over 100 hours into the game (and already planning more) I just don’t know how I would tell someone the game is good. I know it is good, at least to me, but convincing someone else… probably impossible.

But I shall try to do a post as best as I can either way!

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