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DOOM Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today since it has been awhile I thought I would go and do a Game Review over one of my recently completed games.

It shall be over the recently released DOOM (2016) first person shooter.


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Manga Ramblings

Hello Everyone!

Today is a day for Manga.

Well not really. I wrote this yesterday. Ohohohohoho!

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Spring 2016 Anime, Week 8

Hello Everyone!

It has been two weeks since my last post and main reason for that is doing blog posts on this laptop of mine is awful and my PC is at this point completely useless. Luckily it is under warranty so we are going to send it back tomorrow and hopefully before summer is gone I will have a PC again.

But two weeks is far too long for no blog posts on a somewhat active blog. So I have been in the talks with someone to hopefully have a guest writer join me here on the blog. Until that is ironed out though I am going to try to pump out a few posts this weekend while my mind is on it and have some content for the readers.

Today shall be a post on our seasonal anime.


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Spring 2016 Anime, Week 6

Hello, Everyone!

We’re entering the halfway mark for this season now and honestly I am surprised by how strong some of these shows are holding throughout. Usually quite a few taper off and I grab something from my “To Watch Later” list but everything seems to be holding steady so far.

So let’s get this show on the road.


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Manga Ramblings

Hello, Everyone!

So first I will point out. No I will not think of a title for this every single time. My brain hurts enough as it is.

Second is these are not the same titles as the last time. Why? I read too much manga that is why. Also not everything updates weekly, or even bi weekly, hell sometimes not even monthly.

So you get what I feel like talking about! Other than that there will be some changes coming around the blog as my co-conspirator Sacae has officially left and I will be cleaning up the bits and pieces left behind. She may return one day as a guest writer, may have some others show up as guest writers, we shall see.

The first change as you can see shall be the banner. Shortly following that over the next couple of days is me cleaning up the various pages up top.

Anywho on with the post.

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Spring 2016 Anime, Week 5

Hello, Everyone!

For those who listen to me on Twitter you know I am having computer issues. A lovely BSoD attacked my main system and right now it looks like my two options are back up my data and do a factory reset or just do a factory reset and lose everything.

So right now I am using a laptop back from the dark ages to try and do things and… well it is slow as hell and I am so used to two monitors having to work with one is making me want to punch things.

I thought I would distract myself by trying to do a blog post but I am sure by the end of this I will want to drown myself or something. If things look off. Well yeah it is cause I am trying this on a laptop that works better as a brick than as technology.


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Artwork Extravaganza #42

It is Wednesday!

I have not posted art in… well a month now…

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Manga Ramblings: A Bit of a Change

Hello, Everyone!

Today I felt like talking about some manga.

First thing to talk about is I amĀ changing how this is doneĀ from before and instead of talking about series as a whole is talking about various series chapters as they release.

Now that doesn’t mean I will have a post every single day, because that is how often I get chapters, but it will probably be once a week or every other week.

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