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Hello, Everyone!

So first I will point out. No I will not think of a title for this every single time. My brain hurts enough as it is.

Second is these are not the same titles as the last time. Why? I read too much manga that is why. Also not everything updates weekly, or even bi weekly, hell sometimes not even monthly.

So you get what I feel like talking about! Other than that there will be some changes coming around the blog as my co-conspirator Sacae has officially left and I will be cleaning up the bits and pieces left behind. She may return one day as a guest writer, may have some others show up as guest writers, we shall see.

The first change as you can see shall be the banner. Shortly following that over the next couple of days is me cleaning up the various pages up top.

Anywho on with the post.


Nisekoi – Ch 216 “The Truth” – Man after all these years we FINALLY get to see Raku’s mother and…. we don’t actually see her face? Wow so underwhelming… Seriously though I can not wait for this shit to end. It has dragged on way too long no one is going to end up happy blah blah blah. I am really only reading anymore just to say “HEY I FINISHED THIS SHIT!” and that is about it.


To Love Ru Darkness – Ch 67 “Battle With True Feelings” – They seem to be putting a lot of focus lately on Momo’s whole thing about having feelings for Raku that would be more than just what she needed for the Harem Plan to succeed. Not that I mind really because it always leads to something incredibly lewd in the end but… well I have other girls I wanna see more of.


Re:Monster – Ch 23 “The Restless Forest Pt. 2” – It is interesting seeing this one come up because I am really interested in the story. Even though it is a bit long winded it is good I think. Currently though I really want to see something show up that will challenge this guy because so far mostly everything thrown at him since he became a Hobgoblin much less Ogre has been trash.

Boku no Kanojo Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken

Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken – Ch 8 – This lovely little manga was brought to my attention not too long ago. Of course it also only started not too long ago (as in chapters started getting translated just last week). But good lord did it hook me immediately. The new girl is already trying to push the limits of unique with an already unique cast and I gotta say I can’t wait for more of this right now. Perfect spice to comedy I need right now.

Kyou no Yuiko

Kyou no Yuiko-san – Ch 41 “I Think It’s Wonderful!” – So I just picked this up but caught up quickly. Now I know a lot of 4-koma don’t usually follow any sort of timeline after awhile but this one did all the way up to the recent chapter where BAM suddenly we have a little sister who knows of Yuiko but has never been introduced before. So I sort of feel maybe the translators got something out of order or maybe the 4-koma curse of story continuity is going all whacky. No idea.


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