Spring 2016 Anime, Week 6

Hello, Everyone!

We’re entering the halfway mark for this season now and honestly I am surprised by how strong some of these shows are holding throughout. Usually quite a few taper off and I grab something from my “To Watch Later” list but everything seems to be holding steady so far.

So let’s get this show on the road.


Flying Witch

Loved the focus on Chito this episode. First we get Chinatsu forgoing her chores to follow Chito around town and having a blast doing so then that is followed by Chito showing Makoto around town following the exact same route.

Sometimes I get that little nudge saying I shouldn’t like this show nearly as much as I do but good lord it still firmly stays as my #1 this season and I wouldn’t have it any other way right now.


Boku no Hero Academia

Fucking Tsuyu hype!

Finally I get to see my favorite character of this series and hear her. So happy.

Aside from that we get to see Deku jizz just by talking to Ochako and get in a fight with Kacchan.

Y’know I haven’t payed attention to see if this is 12 episodes only or 24.



Man these girls have horrendous luck. Like supernatural type bad luck going on.

I mean falling through a bridge, passing out and all that other fun stuff in a river, a loose bear just HAPPENS to show up near you…

I’d be depressed with that luck.

But I still love the show. It’s fun and the characters are a blast. Especially Ren.


Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

God Damn Mumei is a badass and her pout game is strong.

This episode was great and seeing that the “Shadow” was actually just hundreds of thousands of Kabane was freaky as fuck.

Gonna be fun to see the next episode now that the train is stuck and Mumei and Ikoma are currently buried under the rubble.


Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta?

Hahahahaha!!! Oh such a troll ending.

Great but still such a troll.

I am a little upset that we skipped a few chapters of content but unless the next couple of episodes goes to those that means that the anime is now up to my knowledge of the series and everything will be new from here on out.


Sansha Sanyou

Great episode with all the girls working at the bakery. I mean Futaba looked damn nice.

Funny moments when Nishiyama and Asako showed up and squared off against Teru and Sonobe. Funnier when Nishiyama took her turn at the bakery.

This is the show I am most surprised not having it slow down for me. Usually CGDCT shows max out after a couple of episodes but I think this one gets better each episode.


Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Gotta admit was not expecting class prez to fall for Tanaka. Nice twist to what I was expecting from her.

Also the whole thinking Tanaka has a crush on Ohta bit made me burst out laughing. Dunno why.

Probably because it is true deep down in the secrets of the show.



Good lord these girls are ridiculous. Why do they have to look so good on top of it?

Looks like we will get some sort of… race? Next episode. Not sure I can call it a race given how they are preparing but… well this show is silly so who cares.


Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Well shiiiiiiit.

I guess on one hand I called it like two episodes ago. But I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t be one of the maids.

I like the maids…

Still eager to see next episode though. Loving this show too much I think but damn it is good so I can’t help myself.



Hey look at that another girl officially thrown into the harem. Not that I mind because she is great.

Well really they are all great but that isn’t the point.

Pretty sure I am only keeping up with this because of harem antics that I like to laugh at. Like haremites getting jealous over each other.



Good lord that is one hell of a bad case of a phobia.

I mean she outright freaked the fuck out just by being in front of a store.

Never thought someone could have be that bad honestly.


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