Spring 2016 Anime, Week 8

Hello Everyone!

It has been two weeks since my last post and main reason for that is doing blog posts on this laptop of mine is awful and my PC is at this point completely useless. Luckily it is under warranty so we are going to send it back tomorrow and hopefully before summer is gone I will have a PC again.

But two weeks is far too long for no blog posts on a somewhat active blog. So I have been in the talks with someone to hopefully have a guest writer join me here on the blog. Until that is ironed out though I am going to try to pump out a few posts this weekend while my mind is on it and have some content for the readers.

Today shall be a post on our seasonal anime.


Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Mumei is adorable on her days off from Kabane slaying.

You may have heardn since nearly everyone and their mother is saying it, that Mumei is apparently 12 years old.

I personally call bullshit and even if someone who is making the anime came up to me and told me she was 12 I would still call bullshit.

It is just her personality doesn’t fit for what I picture someone of 12 years of age being.

Not to mention I totally have the hots for Mumei and don’t want to exactly be lusting after a 12 year old. Because I am not gonna stop now that is for damn sure even if she is announced as one.



So while I do not think Hundred is as good as some of the people I talk to think it is. I will not lie and say it is bad or anything.

Honestly it is similar to most harem trash shows. It has a story that is really hit or miss to me, the characters are lovely to look at but often have the personalities similar to that of a rock, and practically every female falls for, or on, the male lead.

And sadly for me I do often like those shows.


Boku no Hero Academia

Love getting to see more of the other students finally and at the end a glimpse of the villains.

It looks like next episode things are really going down and remembering all that happens if this show is 12 episodes like I think it is it will be ending roughly where I thought it was going to end from the start.

Hopefully this show gained enough traction that it will continue for awhile because it is pretty good.


Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta?

Sieg Nekohime!

Well that whole Lucian account hack ended a lot better than I for some reason imagined it going.

Although subtle, and apparently not picked up upon by Lucian, but it seems Ako is differentiating the real world and game world now. I noticed a few moments myself where there was some parts of her doing different things. Maybe it was just me noticing it though? Dunno.



While continuing on they didn’t completely forget about Machi’s freak out in the last episode.

I feel like they are doing good explaining her anxiety/phobia deal and at the same time attempting to help her with it. Except that Yashio or whatever his name is comes off as a borderline rapist and kind of ruins it.



That was an interesting VR-esque game they were playing.

Though the teacher kind of went insane at the end there.

Their lovely transformation scenes kind of revealed they are all (except Ren and Botan whom were already kind of obvious) bustier than I thought.

But I ain’t complainin!


Sansha Sanyou

Man I am really loving this show.

Futaba is boss and good LORD can she eat.

I wonder what the other dimension in her stomach looks like…


Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Even though we have been in the same loop for like the last four or five episodes now I am still loving this show a lot.

It also looks like we “may” be heading towards a conclusion of this arc now so that is great. Especially since I want to know how it will conclude.

On a different note I have been made aware that I am glad I don’t use the CR forums because of the flak this show is getting by a certain person/group.



This show is still completely ridiculous. But I love it.

It isn’t in my top five though despite that. Putting that aside though I have notice whenever these girls ride with two (or three) people someone is always grabbing someones boobs.

Usually Raimu’s.


Flying Witch

Man Chito can be so bitter about her weight… it’s cute.

Was fun seeing the cafe with the ghost waitress who became instantly timid when she was seen. Especially because she didn’t even notice until after like four or five notes.


Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge

Man this is such a great show. The sister’s introduction was amazing and her brocon levels are pretty high.

Especially to be jealous of Tanaka’s life partner Ohta.


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