DOOM Game Review

Hello Everyone!

Today since it has been awhile I thought I would go and do a Game Review over one of my recently completed games.

It shall be over the recently released DOOM (2016) first person shooter.


On one hand DOOM is great. A simple shooter with a fairly straight forward campaign full of various weapons and a vast horde of enemies charging you wanting to snap your back in two or crush your face into the wall. It feels like the old school Doom game where you are struggling to find health and enough ammo to survive on the barren Mars landscape or within the depths of Hell itself.

On the other hand though DOOM is highly repetitive with its arrive at a room, can’t leave until the demons are cleared out, clear them out, and work your way to the next room. Add onto that a poor attempt at a multiplayer mode that is easily forgettable and one wonders the future of the game already.

Starting straight out DOOM plays a lot of notes that can appeal to many players. It is fast paced and somewhat dark and gritty with you playing the practically only surviving thing other than the demons on Mars and dodging and fighting back against the demons already trying to kill you as you are chained to a table in some room on a Mars facility.

You work your way through the demons in the room with you, often taking advantage of the games Glory Kill system so you can bash the demons with your fists or even rip off parts of their body to beat them down with their own arms since you start with only a basic pistol, as you work your way to where you can don on your trademark Marine armor.


The story goes that humans, in their greed for unlimited energy, tapped into hell’s nearly limitless stores and while it worked, for a time, eventually the denizens of hell broke through and wiped out nearly all life within the vast Mars facility where a good portion of the game took place.

As for gameplay it seems to contradict itself throwing you into rooms where you must clear all the demons out before being able to continue but give you very little or even no health pickups to work with. Meaning you must run in circles backwards to clear out the hordes before damaging them enough or wiping out enough of them to start using Glory Kills to start earning health pickups from their bodies.

You are given a good selection of weapons to use from your basic shotgun or assault rifles all the way to your rocket launchers and gauss cannons. Of course fan favorite the BFG 9000 also makes an appearance, earning itself it’s very own dedicated way of equipping it away from the weapon wheel sort of to signify it’s own importance as a weapon. Though the BFG seemed far too powerful, despite that being what it was meant to be, and I never seemed to actually use it myself.


Just like your weapons there is also a vast array of enemies to test you through the game. While at the beginning of the game you are fighting primarily nothing more than the shambling zombie-like corpses of the previous occupants of the facility you quickly start running into the actual denizens of hell whom are there to cause as much damage as they can as well as spawn more of their brothers from hell onto Mars.

Once you reach the point where you are within Hell itself you face even more varied enemies such as even the Barons of Hell. Whom will be some of your toughest fights until you reach the boss fights whom will test your knowledge of being able to dodge, attack certain weak spots, and patience before you can bring them down.

Working its way with new shooter content compared to its mostly old school design is the weapon upgrade system than can turn your simple shotgun or assault rifle into a powerful weapon that can bring down even the largest of demons from hell. Many of these upgrades require you to explore the nooks and crannies of each level to find various upgrade boxes as well as other various collectibles that can help enhance your Doom Marine or… well for collections sake.


Unfortunately for DOOM the new shooter content doesn’t stop there and perverses it’s way into it’s Multiplayer mode and in my honest opinion completely ruins it. It also clashes with DOOM’s old school mechanics that made my experience with it completely unsatisfying and made me quickly give up on trying to do anything with it anymore.

The Verdict:

DOOM throws out two very different bones to the players. The single player campaign is a great imitation of old school Doom hitting all of the right parts to make it a great experience overall even if a bit tedious and repetitive, though nothing compared to the JRPG games I am used to.

Meanwhile it’s Multiplayer tried to hard to be like all of the other boys in the yard, like Halo and Call of Duty, and it just doesn’t work well with its old school habits poking into it making it for a very poor experience and not worth the effort in my opinion.

I would give the game overall a solid 7 out 10 mostly it being brought down by its poor multiplayer mode and repetitive tediousness from the campaign.


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2 Responses to DOOM Game Review

  1. JekoJeko says:

    Isn’t the lack of health pickups because you’re… not supposed to lose health?

    And I’m not sure what you’re looking for in a shooter if you find the concept of spending the whole game shooting enemies ‘repetitive’. What do you want, a vehicle section?


    • Well the fundamental playstyle of DOOM makes it less likely to not lose health. Given just how fights go and such. I mean yes not losing health would be ideal but it would probably be highly improbable. As for the repetitive part it was more just how it was repetitive. Having to clear a room then just run to the next room to then clear it out was annoyingly repetitive. They could have had made different ways to continue on then just clear this room then clear this one.


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