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Manga Ramblings

Hello Everyone!

I gotta say I like having my PC back. It is still a piece of shit with video driver failures (seriously FUCK AMD) but, so far, no more BSoD’s keeping me from doing things.

Today shall be a simple manga post so let us enjoy talking about some manga or since no one here comments me talking to myself (don’t worry I like talking to myself).

Also I will say this because somehow I was told something about spoilers or something… YES the manga ramblings post is full of spoilers of current chapters of the manga listed. If YOU do not like spoilers stop reading here, if you have read the chapters and want to see my thoughts then continue on. Read the rest of this entry

Ending a Lovely Spring Season

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the season where everything is ending and I am crying deeply because I don’t want things to end.

But while some things are ending others are continuing on. Anyway enough sappy blah blah blah on with ending this season! I am going to try to go over as many shows as I personally can remember so here we go!


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Heating Up With 2016 Summer Anime

Hello Everyone!

After nearly two months without a PC I have finally gotten it back and can finally do things again like properly do blog posts!

I did a couple but god was it awful on that laptop of mine…

Anyway starting out my come back to proper blogging is talking about anime coming up next season. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, barring no delays, I will wrap up the current season with a blog post going over what I watched.

So let’s get started at laughing at what I like!

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Manga Ramblings

Hello Everyone!

Today is going to be a simple manga post as I need to start cleaning up this room of mine to make room for my new bed coming in tomorrow.

Hopefully I will get a PC again soon and won’t have to deal with this piece of utter crap laptop and can properly do more blog posts.

Anyway on with the manga! Read the rest of this entry

Artwork Extravaganza #43

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another Wednesday and another Artwork Extravaganza.

Before I throw out pictures I want to reply to the comment that was given to me on Twitter on the last Artwork post from SirNoogen. I was asked if I could post links to the original artists and I want you to know I am not ignoring you!

The problem comes from I really only find about like… 1/4 of what I share. The rest is thrown up on CR forums or in my Discord channel or other various places and I have no idea where they are from. While most I do believe are from Pixiv the rest are from god knows where honestly. Danbooru, Tumblr (whom is probably just reuploading them like I am), and other various places I can’t even name.

If it is still a problem I can try to rectify it myself (though I am mighty lazy) or may just end up stop posting the artwork post (read I am still lazy) if it is a really big issue. I do know why I was asked because it gives more views, upvotes, etc to the various artists but as I don’t save where I got them from, or ask where they come from, it would be difficult for me to link to artists.

Anyway onto the art! Today’s theme will be over Boku no Hero Academia! Read the rest of this entry