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Hello Everyone!

I gotta say I like having my PC back. It is still a piece of shit with video driver failures (seriously FUCK AMD) but, so far, no more BSoD’s keeping me from doing things.

Today shall be a simple manga post so let us enjoy talking about some manga or since no one here comments me talking to myself (don’t worry I like talking to myself).

Also I will say this because somehow I was told something about spoilers or something… YES the manga ramblings post is full of spoilers of current chapters of the manga listed. If YOU do not like spoilers stop reading here, if you have read the chapters and want to see my thoughts then continue on.


Maga-Tsuki – Chapter 58 “I’ve Always Known” – Well it seems like it has been awhile since I have read Maga-Tsuki even though the last chapter was just a little over a month ago.

So with today’s chapter we get the usual fanservice with a giant tentacled/vined/whatever weed groping all the girls and with Orihime going through a transformation with little left to the imagination required clothing, which I feel may have happened before but my memory is failing me, but what really stood out to me this chapter was the last couple of panels with Hinata.

She goes from crying with the text saying “I am so happy for you.” to full on glare mode making it look like she is pissed beyond belief.

I am not sure if I missed something that was there but from my pov it looks like it could be interesting.


Nisekoi – Chapter 223 “Surprise” – Y’know what Komi?


Make no mistake I am happy because of that screenshot as I am a huge fucking shipper of Shu and Ruri. So that right there makes me jump with glee.

But everything else and all the other recent chapters… god DAMN CAN IT BE OVER ALREADY!

Also… I just can’t believe Claude was so dense that he couldn’t tell Tsugumi was a girl until she ripped off her own shirt in front of him (which by the way, awful scene in my opinion, though better than the classic “I’ll let him fondle my breasts” version to find out).

But really this series just needs to end faster than sooner… this ending it turning so convoluted that no matter what actually happens people are going to be pissed one way or another even if they are still somehow fans of this series.


Horimiya – Chapter 65 “They Just Don’t Make Any Sense” – Oh lord this chapter.

Well if anyone who has read this far in Horimiya they know that a jealous Hori is a dangerous Hori. What better to be jealous about as a girl though than your breast size compared to your close friends, especially after your boyfriend elbows you in the chest and says “Are your ribs okay?” ?

While the reaction shots of the chapter were top notch the chapter was a little less enjoyable than the average chapter for me I suppose outside of the usual Horimiya gags because of the reliance on such a tropey topic this time around.

Yes I find girls worrying about the size of their bust a tropey topic.

Still wish that this series could get an anime though…


Nejimaki Kagyuu – Chapter 45 “The Leaking of Impurities” – It isn’t often that a Nejimaki chapter doesn’t make me cringe on some sort of level each page wondering what will happen.

Also that isn’t a bad cringe or anything it is just the fights and how they are drawn in this series can sometimes be freaking brutal as HELL.

But this chapter gives us the Student Council pretty much declaring full dictatorship over the school (to the cheers of the student body) as well as a confession from the only other guy, that isn’t the teacher, right at the end.


Boku no Hero Academia – Chapter 96 “Home Visit” – Well the chapter starts out with a sort of TV program pretty much retelling recent events and you kind of get the feel of how much hell has been caused in such a short time.

After that we start following Aizawa and All Might as they visit the homes of the students as with recent events the school would like to move the students to dorms on the school grounds. They breeze, more or less, through Jirou’s and Bakugou’s, with some entertaining dialogue from Jirou and then Bakugou’s mother. They then split up with Aizawa continuing one with the other students while All Might goes to Deku’s house.

This is where we see the true strength Izuku’s mom has. She adamantly denies letting him go to the dorms. She explains how she is completely cheering him on but as a parent she is beside herself with worry due to his injuries over the course of the manga (which I mean… yeah they haven’t even gone a year yet and Deku has practically wrecked himself completely over a dozen times).

It will be interesting to see how this is resolved, cause I just completely doubt it would end because of Izuku’s mother’s refusal to let him continue being a hero.


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