Summer 2016 First Impressions (Part 1)

Hello Everyone!

I decided to break my… well break early. Instead of waiting until tomorrow to start the Summer anime I am going to begin today. So let’s get this party started!


Amaama to Inazuma

Without a doubt the show I am going into with the most hype.

First I absolutely adore the manga.

Second we have an actual child actor playing Tsumugi.

Third I am already dying from diabetes from the first episode alone.

I am going to love this show and I can already tell it will be in my top favorites of the season without a doubt. Even quite possibly my favorite of the season.



ReLife came out as a bit of an oddity for most.

Coming out all at once just the other day gave people the chance to binge it rather than wait weekly for it.

Interestingly given the material I thought it was going to be a bad show because I didn’t think it would adapt well. But… I actually really enjoyed it, perhaps more than the manga which doesn’t happen often, and was surprised by some things it decided to reveal that are revealed later in the manga.

Now while I would love to see more of it. It pretty much adapted what was there for the manga except for the current arc thing going on with the school festival. So I doubt we would see another season ever or if we did it wouldn’t be for quite a while.


Hatsukoi Monster

Well this is one of those really unique shows. Similar to Recorder and Randsell¬†from not too long ago. We got three 5th graders (so around 11 or so years of age) who… well look like they are in their late teens or older. I tried to find a decent… anything of them… but seems like all the pictures I could find focused on Kaho. Uhm… well watching it was cringeworthy as hell… definitely doesn’t seem to¬†be as interesting as R&R either. Not sure if I will count it as dropped yet but I doubt it will last long.

The interesting thing about this show is if they were not 5th graders I probably wouldn’t have minded at all. But it’s hard to say.


Love Live Sunshine

Super Gay Idols doing Super Gay things… I mean… Idol things… nah gay things. So first thing I notice is how a lot of these new girls are carbon copies of or have mixed personalities of the original Love Live girls. Maybe it’s just me but it seems that way.

Other than that though… well maybe I am just done with the idol shows cause I wasn’t really caring about anything going on. About the only character I enjoyed seeing was Yohane. I may keep watching for more Yohane moments and to maybe see if their songs end up good or not. Rest of the show I doubt will interest me.



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