Summer 2016 First Impressions (Part 2)

Hello Everyone!

Going straight in with Part Two!



And here we have a show adapted from one of the Key visual novels. As such I have never played one so I always go into these without any knowledge. I suppose my only knowledge of them by now is they generally always have some sort of heavy feels at one point or another in the show. They also tend to have some really bizarre and out there sort of situations compared to their Slice of Life parts. Usually though these parts don’t come around until you have gotten nice and used to the Slice of Life but Rewrite came straight out the gate with the odd and bizarre.

I may end up liking it hard to say right now off the first episode. It was kind of a large info dump worth of characters and random supernatural stuff going on.



So this will be… interesting to watch I suppose.

I don’t do well really with drama and that is pretty much what Orange is all about from what I remember of the manga.

Somehow, dunno if it was ever really explained, the kids get letters from their future selves. I wont spoil as to why as I don’t think the anime went over that, or if it did it was barely noticed by me, but it is essentially so they don’t live with regrets and maybe can change the future.

Anyway as for the first episode… it was OK. I will have to see how it plays out as an anime compared to as a manga.


Fukigen na Mononokean

An interesting and fun first episode with a cute little fuzzy yokai thing.

This looks like it could be entertaining but it also looks like it has the potential going by the first episode to fall flat before the season is actually over.

I feel sort of bad not really saying anything else about this show compared to the rest thus far but there really isn’t much else to say.


Taboo Tattoo

Well that certainly was an interesting start. The action seems pretty well done as well so that gives it a certain plus. Not to mention it looks pretty good and the characters shown all look fun or interesting.

I am not too sure if I will get behind the concept and what story there is but the visuals may be enough to keep me around for awhile. I guess we will see as the show goes on.


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