Summer 2016 First Impressions (Part 6)

Hello Everyone!

This will be the last First Impressions post for the season so let’s get this underway!


Kono Bijutsubu


This premiere ended up a lot better than I had hoped actually.

One of the few shows I was looking forward to. I’m going to enjoy seeing how it all plays out through the season but it will probably be one of my faves.

Best thing is… I barely actually remember the source material so it kinda all feels new to me.



So here we have another Key show this season and it is… interesting?

I feel like if they had the show just be a post apocalyptic survival thing with the male lead it’d be more interesting but they throw in the stupidly cute robot girl as well who has been shut away for the last 30 years and it on one hand muddles things around but on the other also piques my curiosity.

Well I will probably keep trying it out but at the moment it doesn’t have the vibe it will last terribly long.



Good lord was that beautiful.

I can tell I am going to really like this even if just on an animation detail level. But also because their deformed faces are extremely amazing and make me laugh.

I feel like some people are going to be calling out yuri with this show but until it actually gives us something other than blushing faces I won’t hold onto that.


Nejimaki Seirei Senki

I dunno… to me this felt incredibly… trashy? I think is how I want to describe it.

It wasn’t like… awful or anything I guess but after Amanchu I guess this just ended up as a major letdown.

I will still probably give it a couple episodes cause nothing much happened in this episode.


91 Days

Wow that was a really interesting premiere actually.

I’ll admit I have a hit and miss relationship with shows in the era this anime is set in but going from the first episode alone this looks like it could be a good one.

I see a lot of people already calling this the best premiere or AotS but I can’t quite agree to that but I am biased in that regards so my opinion probably doesn’t matter to anyone on it.



Well… that was… a unique way to start I guess?

I kind of feel sorry for Handa-kun because they went full on meta, and not in a really good way, for the first half of the episode and then they ended it at a fairly bad spot at that.

Why I feel sorry is cause people are going to remember it for that, even I do now as I type this, and it may make a lot of people drop it here.

I am going to hold out because I like the manga and I want to see how it animates it but that was just… not a really good first episode.

So with that I am pretty much done with Summer’s First Impressions.

There are a couple of episodes of things I didn’t catch or haven’t aired, and obviously the things I am skipping out of sanity sake, but this will be the final post for First Impressions.

Really out of the… guess this puts me around 26 or so shows… I tried out, only a few really stood out in a good way, there were also a lot of maybe shows, but other than that they all kinda just flopped one way or another.


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