Manga Ramblings

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to ramble over some recent manga chapters as well as some new additions that found their way under my radar!


My Manga Ramblings posts do go over current manga and their recently released chapters from wherever I decide to read them from. If you have not read the chapter, or do not want spoilers pertaining to the following manga, please don’t bitch about it to me.


Today’s Manga:

  • ReLIFE
  • Renai Boukun
  • Shinozaki-san Ki o Ota Shika ni
  • Boku no Hero Academia
  • To Love Ru Darkness

Newly Found Manga:

  • Criminale
  • Haijotsu
  • Niehime to Kemono no Ou

  • Good Night World
  • Kin no Tamago


ReLIFE – Chapter 137 “And the Culprit is…” – I dunno something about ReLIFE keeps drawing me back to it. Even though right now it is just a bunch of kids acting like… well kids honestly.

Though the kids have a reason to be acting like kids given how Hishiro is also acting through this whole culture fest prep arc thing going on.

I’m prepared for more drama in the upcoming chapter cause it will be inevitable given how things are going.


Renai Boukun – Chapter 38 “The One Who Came Back…” – Man just like Guri was long ago, her mother is equally a raging storm doing her own thing at her own speed.

Gotta say though that alternate world/reality bit was scary as hell. I mean a timid Akane? NO THANK YOU!

And the next chapter is going to be Guri’s present… so that should be interesting.


Shinozaki-san Ki o Ota Shika ni – Chapter 37 “An Angel’s Lost Property” – Feels like it has been a while since I last saw this one even though it really wasn’t that long. But I was quickly reminded why I love it.

Seeing Akina fight with her “cool girl” and Otaku sides or personalities is always fun. Especially when she is helping her friends out.


Boku no Hero Academia – Chapter 100 “Special Moves” – I realized just now that I think I have had BokuHero on almost every single Ramblings post… well whatever.

We get to see the amazing Hatsume again and that last page man really just goes to show despite what I said just on the other ramblings post.

Despite what these guys have gone through they are all kids. They are hormonal, they get jealous, they have crushes. That last page I think shows all of that in one go with Deku freaking out because boobs are being pressed on top of him and Uraraka looks jealous as HELL because of that.


To Love Ru Darkness – Chapter 69 “One Night ~Let’s Sleep Over!~” – HOLY FUCK BALLS THAT MOMIOKA MAN!!!

Momioka was always a personal favorite of mine but this chapter… god this chapter if you weren’t a fan before you should be now.

Momioka is one of the major reasons I want to see the Harem Plan be fulfilled by the end of Darkness because i’d be honestly sad if she didn’t get anything out of this series.

Now for the ones that I found recently whether new or longish and just hitting my radar I will just do some quick blurts about them without pictures:

Criminale – This one was freaking hilarious. It started off a little ‘what the fuck’ish but once it got rolling and I got used to those wtf moments I really enjoyed it.

Haijotsu – Still in the process of reading. Pretty cliche with super shy and awkward with guys girl along with a guy whose personality is the leading reason to decline in births in Japan. Besides that though it is enjoyable. Damn cute as well.


Niehime to Kemono no Ou – This one is interesting. It is essentially like… Beauty and the Beast? We have the demon king who looks like a giant… goat sorta thing. Then at certain times, not sure if it is a day/night cycle or on particular days, he turns into a super bishounen-like human. It’s kinda fun if you ignore the fact the girl more or less fell in love with both his demon form and human forms.

Good Night World – This one was recently recommended to me and I quickly caught up with it. Uhm… it is good? But… I dunno at the same time its just the ugh feeling I guess. Like whomever is doing the art here is really good at showing the despair and disgust the main character feels and sees with everything in reality.


Kin no Tamago – A fun little comedy slice of life I stumbled on about two friends from high school who both get into editing jobs, one for manga and one for novels, fight against each other to see who first can be the editor of a ten million copy work.


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