Summer 2016 Anime, Mid-Season Round Up

Hello Everyone!

Sorry about the random disappearing act had various things crop up now that I decided to return to school and it seemed everything came up all at once.

But enough about my real life let’s get straight into the post:



So quite a bit has happened in ReZero since I last talked about it which, other than a short blurb at the beginning of the season, was at the end of Spring season.

Obviously we have had a lot go on since then with them going to the capital, getting into the election stuff, Felt being involved for a minor bit, Subaru suffering, Suffuru getting pummeled to death, stabbed to death, suffering into death, and what not.

There were also a few hit to the guts to Rem fans overall with I think three of her deaths, one of which was quite gruesome, not to mention the recent confession from Rem that was shot down hard by Suffuru.

Now we are finally through the like five episode string of suffering and death for Subaru and he finally kicked his own ass into gear, thanks Rem for sacrificing your love so dumbass can move on in the story, which is leading us to the attack on the White Whale and that, thanks to Crusch, looks like it will be a whole lot of fun.



Now we have the full cast around! Still really loving this show even though I know a lot of people dislike it because of their dorky faces I really think that is a part of its charm and makes it better rather than annoying. The twins are dorks, especially the sister, added on with Pikari and Teko as well as sensei and its a well rounded group… of all dorks.

Also the almost blatantly gay undertones (if they can even be considered that now) really are a whole other ball park of fun for me. Especially because it doesn’t seem to be going away or brushed aside as something else.

Obviously, as I mentioned before, I ended up reading the manga so I know where things are heading but I still am loving seeing it animated out. They pretty much laid out in the last episode what is planned, though I am not sure how many episodes it will take. Teko needs to get her open sea diving license and then they all will go diving together and hopefully have all sorts of gay moments!!!


Kono Bijutsubu

I am really happy for Bijutsubu and how well it is being animated.

Also surprised by how well liked it is. I dunno why I am surprised, I love it after all, but… I dunno this just seems like the type of thing a lot of people I talk to would usually ignore I guess?

Completely leave it to the prez though to end up making it where they use water resistant paint when “cleaning” the pool so now they have a giant mural at their pool.

Which… actually sounds awesome to me?


Shokugeki no Souma

I swear this show is about food. Don’t let the gif confuse you.

It’s interesting for me, being caught up with the manga and all, comparing Mimasaka to the current stuff going on and there are a lot of similarities in how I despised Mimasaka and currently despise what is going on.

But without spoiling anything and just talking about the now it is nice seeing Mimasaka get his ass handed to him. I am also really looking forward to what comes next.

The thing I am curious about now though is season one was 24 episodes (even though it ended in the middle of an arc) so will season two just finish up that arc and then end in another or will it keep going past that into future things that are ridiculously fun? We shall see I suppose.


Taboo Tattoo

There seems to be a theme going on with this show and rubbing that poor girls tits.

Uhm… well really there isn’t much to talk about with this show for me.

It isn’t bad, obviously I am still keeping up with it out of everything I dropped, but it sort of just is.

The princess lady or whatever was fun when she showed up but that was about it really.


Tales of Zestiria X

Well that was certainly a blatant tell from the Tales crew telling me I definitely should play Berseria when it comes out. Which of course I will.

It was interesting seeing this prequel to Zestiria and definitely did its job of making me want to play the game when it releases.

Velvet though was hot as hell. Can’t wait to play her in Berseria.

Other than that nothing much since this literally was more or less just an “Hey! You guys are watching cause of Tales? Well here is out next game.”

My biggest fear I guess would be if this ends up in anyway spoiling Berseria a lot or if this is all just anime original. But of course I have no idea.


New Game

Man for me, a mere peasant in the work world, I can even imagine having to stay over night for a job. Unless of course I was hired to work an overnight job or something.

Seriously though the cast in this show is too damn cute. Aoba’s hair style shown above, Kou’s LOVELY view, Hifumi chuckling while listening to something on her computer, as well as everyone going to see the same movie and not know they were all there.

It is going to be fun seeing where this ends up and whether or not it will get a second season. For Harp’s desires of course we may need a second season just to sate him.


Amaama to Inazuma

Good god this show is so diabetic.

I am glad so many others like this show. I mean yeah sure I know there are just as many, some even in my Discord server, that won’t touch this show even if their life depended on it.

But there are enough that love it as much as I do and talk about it which makes it fun.

And that is it for my week.

There are a few shows that didn’t make it but not because I dropped them or anything but just some bad videos when I tried watching the first time and I never got around to trying again.


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