No Man’s Sky, Game Review

Hello Everyone!

For those who didn’t know. Yes, I did get No Man’s Sky and have joined the countless others in playing the game.

Now after… oh probably close to a day’s worth of game time playing it I thought I would try throwing out my review.

So I hope you enjoy!


So first off I feel like I should say: Yes I am definitely enjoying No Man’s Sky. But unfortunately I can already feel its novelty currently wearing thin after my time in it. I don’t really feel like I have accomplished much since the beginning though I have put nearly a full day of game time into it.

Starting out for the review to me I feel like No Man’s Sky is currently divided up into three sections.

First there is Exploration, second is Trading, and then there is just Everything Else. So yeah pretty much just going to do it like that I suppose?


In No Man’s Sky Exploration is pretty much the total focal point of the game. After a rocky start that is all to common with games right now giving you barely any direction what so ever in what to do you begin to get the reins of this massive game. Exploration comes down to a few little sub categories in my mind.

First there is scanning. Scanning is used in a plethora of things such as finding specific resources, various points of interests on planets, and things like that but it is also used as a device to scan, analyze, and categorize almost everything. From rocks that hold iron inside them to the various plants and trees as well as animal life forms on the planets, as you go about across the planet. Doing this can net you a good load of Units, the games currency, except that it can be very time consuming to be a completionist on this as I spent nearly two hours on my starting planet scanning and analyzing everything I could find and still only made it to 70% completion

After scanning there is the gathering of resources. This is probably the most paramount thing to do because you can choose to skip scanning things and just go straight to using your mining laser on everything that stands to collect various materials. Meanwhile you can’t skip resource collection because it is needed for everything. Upgrading your ships, trading to acquire units, using units to acquire other resources, ships, or your multi-tool (mining laser with convenient laser pistol), and even various tasks given by the aliens as well as the most important thing is resources are needed just to simply travel across the stars.

To go aside scanning and gathering resources I would put in the points of interest. These include things such as an ancient monolith containing alien knowledge, usually to assist you in learning a language, abandoned scientific buildings containing technology to upgrade you or your ship, or drop pods that provide increases in storage space. This is of course just scratching the surface of what all is out there though what you find in one system chances are you will find more in other systems as well.



To me I feel like trading is currently the next biggest thing in No Man’s Sky. Across the stars and planets you will come across space stations, trading posts, or outposts manned by aliens, their ships, or the Galactic Trade robots.

Now usually the only ones you essentially trade with are the aliens who never leave their ships or the Galactic Trade bots. Though some of the various aliens outside of ships have a sort of trade system as well but it isn’t quite the same.

Why I consider trade the next biggest thing is because it is the best way to make money outside of trying to scan EVERYTHING on a planet and since that takes forever and doesn’t guarantee completion trading makes it a bit simpler.

Each system, race of aliens, and sometimes even individual alien has a take on the percentage of items as well. So while in one system Titanium for instance has a -5% or whatever cut to its price while in the next system if will have a +10% increase.


Everything Else

Now yes even I understand just saying ‘Everything Else’ is vague and not exactly good to use in a review but… I mean really to me it is just that. So going through some subcategories here hopefully you can get an idea of why I use it.

Space Combat: All those videos you have seen of combat in your spaceship that No Man’s Sky has been promoting since like the day we realized it was actually a thing? Yeah so far, in my experience at least, that has been a flat out lie. There have been no epic battles between fleets of large ships escorted by an armada of personal spaceships.

I will admit space/flight combat is not one of my strengths. Never has been. But I have not even seen more than three or four large ships around a planet and so far it just seems that they are there. Can’t contact them, can’t board them, and their strengths seem to tear through my upgraded shields like it was butter.


Quests/The Ultimate Goal: So far it seems like No Man’s Sky treats quests more like an ultimate goal, similar to Minecraft, Terraria, or games of similar strains. It gives you sort of tasks to accomplish and points you in a vague direction. This personally is fine for me cause it means it wants you to focus on the exploration and other things that are in the game which is what I love. But I do wish there was just something more as well.

Novelty Wears Out Quickly: What I mean by this is is so far the game has been collect units to upgrade ship, collect resources to upgrade ship parts and to craft the fuel cell required to make a warp jump to the next system.

At the beginning this was fun, it was all new, but now I am a good dozen or more systems away from where I originally started, I have purchased or found three new ships and a few more multi-tools, but it is just the same thing over and over already. Collect carbon to create the sphere, the sphere and plutonium create the electron, the electron with some zinc and another resource creates antimatter which when combined with a final resource creates the cell. Put the cell into your warp drive and zip to the next system on your path to said above vague direction of goal. Rinse and repeat to throw the novelty off even if you try to go off to do another thing such as scanning or upgrading of parts.

This is where having something more in No Man’s Sky would be great, such as multiplayer where groups of players could work together on some sort of goal. But the problem there is…

Multiplayer is Some Sort of Pseudo-Multiplayer: What this means, at least in my words, is No Man’s Sky is multiplayer. But at the same time it isn’t. For months No Man’s Sky’s devs have said “Yes, No Man’s Sky is multiplayer but, the universe is so vast you will never meet another player, and even if you did you would not notice they were even in the same system or even planet as you as there is no notifier of whether a player is there or not.”

Well since the release it has been confirmed that people have “met” on the same planet but they can’t even see each other at all. I don’t exactly know the details but apparently multiple reports have come out of people being at the exact same place on the exact same planet and not seeing each other at all.

Which then leads me to wonder if No Man’s Sky is multiplayer at all? If it is why can’t we do things with other players? If it isn’t then why not give us a pause menu of sorts so we don’t end up half an hour or more away from planets because we left the game on while going out of the house or whatever.

Now I know one reason for the “multiplayer” is because one of the major features of the games probably requires it… and that feature is…


Renaming Literally Everything: Going back to the scanning section of exploration and how you make money from it one part of it also allows users to rename every animal, plant, rock, and whatever else you end up scanning before you upload it to what I assume is some massive server databank keeping track of all of this.

Now I personally don’t care for the ability to rename things because, well, no one can name things seriously it seems. It was without a doubt that within the first few hours of the game reports of things being named things like “BigDickCow” or “VaginaPlanet” and things like that cropped up on social media.

Also as far as I have seen it doesn’t seem to really matter if you name something or not. Given the chances of someone finding you is supposedly like less than 1% according to the devs I assume that also means it is around that for anyone finding something you named. Unless they have some massive list somewhere of things users have renamed but I doubt this for some reason.

And… I think that pretty much sums up my experience thus far with No Man’s Sky I doubt I will ever see this game to completion, if it even has a technical “end”, though with the novelty already wearing thin I can see it turning into something like Minecraft for me and while I still enjoy it thoroughly it will turn into something I only play intermittently and usually only to see what, if anything, changed in the game.

Overall the game had a great start, I haven’t had any bugs worth noting… actually maybe even none?, and even with the novelty of the game wearing off I am still enjoying it a lot so I think No Man’s Sky earns a solid 8 out of 10 and I personally think it can only get better from here. Though that may just be my hope.


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