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Hello Everyone!

It is time to talk manga!


My Manga Ramblings posts do go over current manga and their recently released chapters from wherever I decide to read them from. If you have not read the chapter, or do not want spoilers pertaining to the following manga, please don’t bitch about it to me.


Today I will go over:

  • Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen
  • Ojojojo
  • Tejina Senpai
  • Gabriel Dropout
  • Hazuki Kanon wa Amakunai


Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen – Chapter 8 “One’s True Herd” – So I found this one recently and it is kind of interesting. Essentially like 99% of humanity is gone and now animals (or anthromorhpic girls/boys) populate schools instead.

This chapter continues with how Jin embarrassed Zebra girl Chloe in an earlier chapter but concludes it with her realizing she has gained something important after being embarrassed.

Overall it is still the same wonky comedy it has been using so far beating off Jin’s hate for anything animal like and his near possessive obsession of the only other human in the school (whom of course is female).


Ojojojo – Chapter 36 “Without Thinking” – These two are such lovable dorks I really love seeing them work out their relationship as the series continues on.

The art in it may not be for everyone being done by Cool Kyoushinsha author/artist of other series like Komori-san wa Kotowarenai, Danna ga Nani o Itte Iru ka Wakaranai Ken, and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon but the story itself I think is pretty good.


Tejina-senpai – Chapter 25 “Resentful Senpai” – I have no idea why I keep up with this series to be honest. The punchline seemed to run out 15 or so chapters ago. Despite that though it is still fun seeing the dorkiness of this series.

Even though Tejina kind of has that obsessive/stalker girlfriend quality about her, and not the kind of obsessive that can be overlooked.


Gabriel Dropout – Chapter 27 “Weine is Bad?!” – Yet another series with a whole bunch of dorks in it. That I absolutely am enjoying because of said dorks. In the latest chapter we get Weine having a bit of realization that she is probably the least devil-like devil in … Devildom? So in an act of brilliance she decides to get advice and ends up doing things like, not dressing properly, not taking notes, and trying to skip class only for them all to essentially fail on her.

Hazuki Kanon.png

Hazuki Kanon wa Amakunai – Chapter 27 “Skipping Class” – So after nearly a year on hiatus I realize I… need to reread this because I have no idea what is even going on anymore.

But I am a sucker for romance things happening and so I decided to just bring it here to everyone’s attention.


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