Tackling the Tower of Books; The Rising of the Shield Hero V1

Hello Everyone!

Some may have noticed over on Twitter that I posted a picture of my current tower of unread books, and not even all of them were shown, so I am giving myself a little project of writing about the books I finish here on the blog just to kind of talk about them and give my thoughts I suppose.

I don’t really have a process for how I am going to go through all of these books and I may even talk about the books that I have already read as well I am not sure yet.

Obviously for some twenty books (as pictured) isn’t much of a challenge to get through but lately my reading has been awful as I seem to get easily distracted after only ten to thirty minutes of reading anything.


Today shall be the first post of this and I will be tackling it from the top for now and that is starting off with The Rising of the Shield Hero aka Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari first volume.

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari vol 1.png

The Rising of the Shield Hero

So a limited view of the series shows it in a similar vein to Log Horizon where our MC, Naofumi, is transported/summoned to a fantasy world with game mechanics. Unlike Log Horizon though Naofumi, and the three other heroes, start out at level one with nothing but their Legendary Weapons, of which Naofumi has the weakest in attack, but highest in defense, Shield “weapon”.

Naofumi is also quickly projected out as an outcast, criminal, and all around scum in the world’s kingdom by being framed for raping one of the other heroes companions, whom also happened to rob Naofumi of his money and clothing. So within the first few chapters Naofumi is almost universally hated, is broke, and is undoubtedly the weakest of all the heroes.

This is shown even more when it takes Naofumi hours just to scrape enough coinage up to even afford basic food and lodging. Eventually though through what could essentially be considered skill upgrades he has quite a bit saved up when through some turn of events he purchases a slave to help him fight.

Which then enters our heroine/secondary MC, Raphtalia, who appears as no more than a ten year old girl. Whom, even while sickly at first, assists Naofumi in slaying monsters much faster than he was able to do by himself.

The game mechanics are pretty heavy after Raphtalia join Naofumi as it shows to Naofumi various things like a party window, EXP gains, and some of his skills he has acquired are things such as mining, alchemy, and things like that. So the two of them go along collecting things to sell as well as leveling all the while.

Eventually the reason why the heroes were summoned begins, a large attack from powerful monsters, near a village that largely helped Naofumi out despite the rumors about him. But even though he almost single-handedly defended the village himself while the other heroes ran straight towards where the boss of the wave was located, Naofumi was still treated like trash by the knights and eventually the King and other heroes when they were victorious.

This led to a duel between Naofumi and the Spear Hero over Raphtalia which of course ended up being rigged and Naofumi lost anyway. Raphtalia though chose not to leave Naofumi which also triggered Naofumi to stop ignoring Raphtalia’s growth, which is explained as since her being a demi-human is closer to being a monster than a human her growth in levels also made her age so now she looks closer to a seventeen year old girl instead of a ten year old girl.

Overall I am not usually good with the type of blatant backstabbing going on in this series but at the same time that is what more or less gives it life as well. I am curious though to see how things go from here because while the ending with Naofumi and Raphtalia was kind of sweet I highly doubt Mr. Prideful himself the Spear Hero will let that Win/Not Win in the duel go without some sort of comeback.

I tried to go light on spoilers as much as I could but I personally don’t know how to review a book, game, or really anything without spilling some of it. Anyway that is the first post/book from the tower of unread books. Next will either be Volume 2 of this series… or if I feel like reading just one series back to back will burn me out I will move down the tower to like ReZero or Log Horizon.


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