Summer 2016 Anime, Week 8

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I had an anime post but that is primarily because I have hit the point of slacking off with the season. Well… sort of. I mean there are a couple of shows I am slacking off on and of course I dropped or put on hold like 2/3 of what I started this season but everything else I am keeping up with are those type of shows that going week to week not much changes.

Anyway on with the post!


Fukigen na Mononokean

So I am really getting into Fukigen. It is really like a better version of Rinne now that it has picked up its groove. Yahiko was a fun character to see especially since he brought back Zenko who was great when she first showed up. Also with Yahiko I believe that gives us everyone from the… I dunno if it was the OP or just the cover art? One of those.

I’m not entirely sure where it is trying to head towards as a story though but it is fun to follow still.



So we have had a few great moments from Amanchu in the last couple of episodes. Pikari and Teko practically confessed to each other, or at least Teko did, in a sort of roundabout way if you analyze their talk, Teko is practicing to get her license, the whole gang was playing games together on their days off, and all sorts of fun stuff has been going on.

I really love all the characters here and Pikari and Teko’s relationship as it is currently is nice. Of course I know some more details of it thanks to the manga but I am not sure it will adapted… so I won’t say anymore on that.


Tales of Zestiria X

So we finished Tales almost blatant “Play our next game” segment of Berseria and return to Sorey and gang which leads to more shiny segments of Sorey being a shepherd. The episode had a tease of Edna, whom is definitely my favorite Zestiria character, so I am really looking forward to her.

I have seen a lot of people complaining about Zestiria honestly, though the Sorey and Mikleo shippers seem stronger than ever, which isn’t too surprising I guess because though I even knew about the Berseria segment apparently it wasn’t widely known and threw people off.


New Game

So we get our Nenecchi overload this episode with her joining part time at the same company as Aoba as a QA/Tester for the game. We of course get lovable moments such as her trying to surprise Aoba, accidentally eating Kou’s pudding, and of course see all of her moments with her obvious ship that is obvious with Umiko.

Maybe it isn’t obvious? I think it is. Anyway we were teased for next episode seeing the girls at an onsen and this throws one of those moments as someone who read the manga (yeah so what if I only started after the show) that gets to see the differences. Such as the onsen stuff in the manga would have been after where the season is probably going to end meaning it would have been an OVA at best.

I’m not complaining mind you. Hifumi at the onsen? Yes fucking please.


Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei

Illya has stayed fairly strong through the season just like her previous seasons though I dunno why but I feel lost as hell in this one?

Like even looking at it isn’t all that confusing and isn’t anything incredibly odd in the long scope of the Fate universe but… I dunno I just keep going “whaaaa” a lot for some reason.

But lewd Illya girls is fun and we get plenty of that so I will enjoy it to the end.


Shokugeki no Souma

So I am getting to the point of being bored of this season of Shokugeki.

The pacing has felt odd the entire season and really I just feel like this arc has gone on long enough. The two arcs after this in the manga is what I want to see and judging by where things are at we may see a sadly rushed one of those two arcs (or it will end in the middle of the arc like it did last time) and a who knows how long of a wait for the next one if it ever even comes.


Amaama to Inazuma

Seeing Kotori get all upset that sensei wasn’t there was hilarious for me which is kind of odd because usually I frown on the teacher/student relationships in anime/manga no matter how perfect they may be. But for some reason I just don’t have that feeling with Kotori? Maybe I have this thought in the back of my mind that it would never actually happen? I dunno.

I didn’t like in the previous episode how things were handled with Tsumugi but… I also heard from a friend of mine that… stuff like that is actually kinda common? The whole sweeping it under the rug thing? Like if I did something like Tsumugi did at her age, or god forbid one of the kids, I wouldn’t have been able to sit for a week much less be allowed to have a happy moment with my parent afterwards and enjoy a meal. Probably just another weird cultural thing or something.



So I realized I have not really talked Momokuri yet this season. First technically Momokuri started, and ended, I think it was two seasons ago? But an HD version, with reliable subs, was released this season on Crunchyroll putting two episodes of the original into one. It’s cute in a creepy sorta way at times and diabetic at others. I’m kinda hoping for a great end for it but really with how it is going it could be a weird end too.

The last couple of episodes have been fun with Kurihara showing slightly less of her weird tendencies and Momo taking more steps to be less of a passive boy.


Kono Bijutsubu

Imari has been a great addition to the show especially with her over the top otaku likes and delusions. Especially since said delusions have helped the others out a few times already. I also loved how they won their art contest in the other episode and completely forgot why in the process of why they were even competing for it. This show is still going on strong as an adaptation which is honestly great except for the fact I can not really remember much of the manga past what has been shown.

Wow that went on a lot longer than I expected… anyway that was my last couple of weeks of shows…not including a couple random rewatched shows… I am still catching up on/not bothering with a couple of other shows currently especially since I will be focusing on school here more now that it has started and that will require my priority focus.


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