The ‘Tamayura’ Series

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Today I am going to go over a series that was brought to my attention not too long ago. Tamayura is a series that consists of a handful of OVA (that I could not find anywhere), two 12 episode seasons, and four movies that consist of its finale. It’s genre is best described as a CGDCT Slice of Life in a similar vein as to shows such as Gociusa, Non Non Biyori, or other similar shows.

So i’m just going to get right into this!


Starting off I have to say Tamayura takes a slow paced, relaxing vibe, and all the usual things SoL shows offer to a whole different level. I won’t say I got bored, because I didn’t, but damn did it try its best. This show is probably the most relaxed show I think I have ever watched really.

Anyway Tamayura follows a group of girls through their high school lives, though the focal point of the story is told primarily through Sawatari, Fuu, whom has returned to her hometown as she picks up once again her hobby of photography years after her father, who taught her to love it, had passed away and she had put aside that hobby due to its painful reminder of the loss of her father.

Our other girls all share a history with one another and have more or less been at least acquaintances since childhood. Kaoru is the groups sort of level headed member who tries her best to keep the rest reined in. Maon is the type of have a lot of dreams and follow all of them simultaneously as such when she is asked what she wants to do in the future and she lists off half a dozen options all while communicating mostly by whistling. Norie our last of the four main girls is the eccentric pastry chef of the group loving sweets, and making sweets, almost as much as she loves Fuu’s younger brother.


Though these four are the main group there are plenty of other recurring characters such as Fuu’s mother, brother, and grandparents, Maon’s parents, Kaoru’s mischievous older sister, later in the series Kanae, the senpai who joins the Photgraphy Club, in the movies the two first years, Fuu’s friend (and friend of friend) from where she had moved  to, the Maestro who runs the photography store, a couple of teachers, professional photographers, and more.

One thing though that I loved about Tamayura is how nearly every character grew and progressed through the show. Usually in slice of life, if there even is any “growth”, it is usually just for the main characters and that is it. But here even side characters ended up with a fair amount of their own story involved around the others. By the end these were all resolved happily, especially since a lot of them were about finding out what one wanted to do or not to do with their futures, but a lot of them, especially Fuu’s, had some rocky bumps to deal with to get to that ending.

Which kind of brings me to how Tamayura really delivered a lot of feels as well. Yeah sure maybe not the most dramatic of them or even the most powerful but they were still there. Especially around Fuu since everything about photography centers around her father and his passing. But each character I feel had a good feels moment along with their growth as well.


Overall Tamayura was really good and if you think you can manage its extremely low-key slow paced style I would definitely recommend it but even I as a major Slice of Life fan almost felt like I couldn’t make it with the way it was through its nearly 16 hours worth of content (more if you can find the OVA’s it has).

The story though carried by its fun cast and beautiful scenery kept it going strong for me which gave each of its two seasons an 8 out of 10, dropped only because of that particular slowness it has. Meanwhile each of its four movies received 9 out of 10‘s because it condensed that slowness shown through twelve episodes into a one hour segment and it really did a great job of finishing the series and wrapping everything up nicely.

The Tamayura series includes:
Tamayura (4 Part OVA)


Tamayura: Hitotose (Season 1)


Tamayura: More Aggressive (Season 2)


Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 1 – Kizashi


Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 2 – Hibiki


Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 3 – Akogare


Tamayura: Sotsugyou Shashin Part 4 – Ashita



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