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Hello Everyone!

Little bit later than I expected for this due to laziness school but I did say I would get a post out today!


My Manga Ramblings posts do go over current manga and their recently released chapters from wherever I decide to read them from. If you have not read the chapter, or do not want spoilers pertaining to the following manga, please don’t bitch about it to me.


Today will be over:

  • Criminale
  • New Game
  • Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko
  • Hajimete no Gal
  • Kusumi-kun, Kuuki Yometemasu ka?


Criminale – Chapter 21 “Luna Rossa” – While cliche and tropey I think I might be getting a hint of just what Ichimura’s reason for being in the class is and it isn’t just because he is beset by criminals all the time. But I will keep it to myself for now because it is just a theory at the current moment. Putting that aside a blushing Sarah is insanely adorable and cute. Definitely going to have fun seeing where this goes from here.


New Game – Spinoff Special – OK so New Game’s manga has been all over the damn place everywhere because for some reason the translators (or someone else) decided that they would skip a volume and a half to translate the spinoff/flashback stuff in whatever volume they were in while still translating normally. So now we have different sites with varying different amounts of chapters because of this and some are correct with the volume skipped some are all jumbled up and yeah its a mess. That all aside though seeing Aoba and Nene (god DAMN girl you got some funbags) back in high school is interesting especially to see how it leads Aoba to be where she is now somewhat leading the team in a new game.


Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko – Chapter 408 “When She Was Still Scathing” – Also going through a flashback phase is Tomo-chan so we get to see an oblivious child (or more of a child) Jun, an even more boyish looking Tomo, and the ever loving Misuzu as kids. It is fun but god seeing just how damn oblivious Jun actually is even as a kid hurts my head.


Hajimete no Gal – Chapter 18 “The First Shopping” – Oh poor naive Junichi… I mean I sort of understand if you are supposed to be a part of the so called lame group and one of the top beauties is dating you that you wouldn’t exactly trust her… but just running away like that after saying what you said… no man! NO!!! Should be fun to see how it is resolved but looks like there will be a bit of a wait since it said will continue in November.


Kusumi-kun, Kuuki Yometemasu ka? – Chapter 13 “The Chocolate War (of Love)” – So this is one that floated into my feed of possible random things to read and I said why the fuck not. I always find series like this interesting because they say stuff like “Cutest Girl in School” yet she isn’t even the best looking one in my opinion. Not to mention compared to other series out there they all look plain really. But that aside its kinda fun with the super popular girl liking the quiet not so popular guy, though when I say quiet I mean this guy has said like two lines in the chapters thus far. It’s a light easy read so I might keep it for awhile but its nothing super amazing I guess?


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