Tackling the Tower of Books; Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World V1

Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to throw out another book from my tower of books sitting beside me even though that tower has increased in height rather than lose much in height…


Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

It’s almost impossible to be currently watching anime for the last two seasons and having not heard of Re:Zero because of its anime adaptation and how despite people calling out Subaru, the MC, for being the little shit he is those same people keep it one of the highest talked about shows on the season.

One of the things that the anime though never really covered in my opinion was why exactly Subaru was so attached to Emilia but luckily the novel did. Essentially Subaru, lost in a new world he has suddenly found himself in, is surrounded by men wanting to kill and rob a nobody. In comes Emilia with her White Knight syndrome, pretty much meaning she couldn’t just ignore a mugging in process, saves Subaru with glorious overkill.

This is the start for Subaru’s near fanatical devotion to Emilia, he is alone, scared, and knows he is about to die so he ends up falling, quite hard at that, for the one who just saved him. While there is no official terminology for this the internet seems to mostly call it Hero Worship, it’s kind of like those idol worshipers you hear about who devote their life to a certain idol or idol group and then go AWOL when they hear they got married or had a kid…

Anyway, follow that up with Emilia taking care of Subaru after he passes out and to him he now has this beautiful woman, and the novel goes into some deep detail of just how beautiful she is to Subaru, who has saved him, taken care of him after saving him, and then she is the first person he considers a friend, possibly not just in this world but even adding in where he is from in Tokyo, well he really just simply falls head over heels for her.

Of course when, by about half way through the book, Subaru starts to come into realization of the odd power he has acquired where he returns to a certain spot after dying he starts becoming overly possessive of Emilia. In his eyes all he is seeing is this beautiful woman he has feelings for now die in front of him and when he realizes he has a possibility of a second chance of saving her from such a fate he goes at it like a madman.

Really other than some extra details that make situations more understandable the novel doesn’t really seem all that different from what we know from the anime. Now that will probably change later as I have heard they cut some things out from later novels, like most anime adaptations do, I am also not saying that you should skip the novel and just watch the anime. All I am saying is that from my perspective the first novel just didn’t seem to lose much content as much as it just lost details that helped explain things.


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