Summer 2016 Anime, Week 11

Hello Everyone!

I got a break earlier in the day than I expected so I decided I would push this out now rather than tonight. Things have been busy with my mom back in the hospital and me on my third paper already for school (this being why I will be busy for the next two weeks probably).

Anime took kind of a back burner partially due to being busy as well as the fact that… really not much was changing week to week I guess?  At least not with the way I was writing and I am thinking of changing that up soonish… maybe…

Expect another post this weekend or early next week for what I plan to watch from Fall.


Amaama to Inazuma

So Amaama continues to be diabetic weekly and is still my favorite even up to now, though a few have given it a good run for its money, and I gotta say that may be the first time I have seen anime make crepes like that. Which honestly seems more practical albeit not looking exactly pretty. It also reminds me I have never had a crepe…

It is interesting though seeing where I believe it will end since there are some things I believe it skipped or could have had air to make it even better but… I guess that just means possible future seasons? Maybe?



So it looks like Amanchu is ended roughly where I thought it would which means there should be a chance of some future season or OVA to see some things I would like to see animated, or at least I hope there will be. Though today’s episode was a little slow even for this fairly laid back show and was something I thought that would have been an OVA instead.

I really hope there is more Amanchu some day, though the manga isn’t that far ahead, because I really love the characters and the story is decent.


Kono Bijutsubu

If they weren’t middle school kids I would probably be screaming “Just fuck already!” but I am a dirty old man and did the horizontal tango at their age so I am just gonna go ahead and say “Just fuck already!”

I am not really sure where Bijutsubu is going for an ending and it is usually up in the air with shows like it. They have some key points from the manga they never touched up on, yet, and that makes me wonder if they are saving them for another season, OVA, or whatever else. Sadly its always just a waiting game to see.


Fukigen na Mononokean

I always forget before searching for Mononokean stuff just how many yaoi shippers there are out there. Nothing against that of course but I personally feel Zenko is a much better match to Ashiya than Abeno is but that is obviously me. An interesting end to the last episode though with Ashiya no longer able to sense yokai so now I wonder how it will end.

Usually in cases like this things end up all well and good with Abeno probably figuring out a way for Ashiya to get his sight back. But really a part of me wants to see it not work out for Ashiya, not to see him in the dumps or anything but, because Ashiya strikes me as the type not to give up just because he can’t see the yokai.


Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei

My inner masochist was happy as hell with that SakuraAlter thing going on. Illya seems to be heading for one heck of a climax showdown here which should be fun since while the season has been overall meh in my opinion it has still kept my attention and done really well in the parts that excelled.


New Game

So New Game is also heading straight for where I expected it to end which, if not drastically altered, should leave it open for a second season. Sadly at the moment the manga is barely past that point AND went off the rails with some sort of spinoff for its fifth volume. While that isn’t really an issue it has caused all sorts of problems as a reader because whomever was translating skipped an entire volume (and a half I think) so now the chapters are all over the place.

As for the anime itself it has been great with plenty of amazing moments and if this ends up with a future second season, OVA’s, whatever else I will be happy.


Shokugeki no Souma

So finally Shokugeki is in a much better arc after the previous one going on for far too long in my opinion (even if it was that long in the manga). While a little upset on how few episodes this arc is going to end up being the first episode for the arc showed it should be paced well enough to end fine.

I have to admit while I really want to see the arc after this, and I definitely want to see some of the characters introduced in said arc, I am not entirely sure I am keen on anymore Shokugeki. It has been stale for awhile as an anime and the manga has been stale for quite awhile itself meaning the anime would probably be horrendous to me. But it is popular as far as I know so we will probably  end up with more and I will inevitably watch it.

Short Thoughts:

Momokuri: So Momokuri is almost finished with its proper reairing. I can’t say I like how it seems to be concluding itself, though the preview for the last episode left some possible hope to my issue, since it seems to have ignored the stalking bit entirely.

ReZero: I am behind on this by like six episodes now I think? I plan to get to it but at the rate things are going it may be after it has finished unless I get some breaks during writing my papers.

Zestiria X: Also behind. But more out of a I want to binge the rest at once sort of reasoning more than I just didn’t feel like it. Biggest issue arises with the Berseria prequel (which made me want to play the fuck out of it when it comes out) comes with I have no idea where it will actually end compared to the game.



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  1. Karandi says:

    I’m also looking forward to seeing how Ashiya and Abeno resolve Ashiya’s issue but I kind of feel they are going to disappoint again. Every other cliff-hanger episode has been resolved within a few minutes of the next. Hoping they do something interesting as we near the end of the season.

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