Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Week 1

Hello Everyone!

So if you follow me on Twitter where I obviously talk too much you probably picked up on the fact I am taking it easy this Fall. Putting most shows ‘On Hold’ or not even planning to start them at all. Pretty much for a show to stay on my ‘Currently Watching’ list on MAL it really has to wow me in some form or fashion.

At the moment my list is fairly small with only eight shows on it right now and only one more I plan to add unless the first episode disappoints which I doubt it will. But I have watched a fair amount of what has aired so I will possibly also discuss them briefly. Now let’s get this going!


Brave Witches

So if you have seen Strike Witches, which from what I have heard takes place before and after Brave Witches, you will pretty much get the idea of what is in store for you. Pretty much the differences being that we probably won’t see any of the Strike Witches characters outside of various references, the main girl is less of a mary sue but more of an incapable greenhorn until it matters, and oddly less butt and crotch shots (for now).

Given that what we were shown is more or less Strike Witches with a new cast I doubt I will dislike this as it goes along.


Kiitarou Shounen

So I wasn’t expecting this to be a short and when I watched it I had two thoughts about it.

First: What the fuck is going on?

Second: This began and ended perfectly. This show can just end now.

But no really not many first episodes have such a nice conclusion. It was quite a bit silly and over the top I thought but since it is a short I will probably keep up with it easily enough.


Nobunaga no Shinobi

Another really quirky short. But with a certain charm that made me want to see what happens next in it. Again since it is a short it really has no time consumption on me and will be easy enough to keep up with weekly.



So it seems to NOT be common knowledge that this is only related to the other three seasons of Working by where they all work at. Even though I knew that when it was first announced however long ago. Anyways… it was a good starting episode but they really could have probably introduced everyone a bit slower. With how rapid fire everyone was introduced I could barely keep up with it all.

That said though my brain did what my brain does and has already begun putting people together as pairs whether they end up that way or not does not matter.


Okusama ga Seitokaichou

I’ll admit I am not the biggest fan of Okusama. While Ai, I think is her name, is cute and all and a fun character I pretty much am meh about every other aspect of the series. But even with that given it isn’t full length and I want to see a lewd Ai as well as what the season has to offer I am going to go ahead and watch it. Probably without pants but that is neither here nor there.


Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

As I will be calling it Ping Pong Girls because fuck that title. So this is one of those ones I was surprised to see come out as a full length episode rather than a short. Now I am not a fan of ping pong really but the characters here are fun and it interested me enough to say I will be keeping it around. Right now I am picturing something in between the levels of Teekyuu, or however it is spelled, and something like Stella Girls Airsoft show.


Shuumatsu no Izetta

Also known as World War Two era MagiGirl. Really that is about it for the setting and the first episode. We have a not!Germany attacking a not!Britain and since they have to attack on two fronts they are attacking random fictional nation of in The Alps. Throw in a girl with magical powers that uses a giant anti-tank gun as her broom and bam: World War Two MagiGirl.

Overall it was decent but really it has the highest potential of all the shows I have watched to either be the best of the season or the absolute worse. It just matters how it will go from here.


Yuri!!! on Ice

Despite what many were hoping for given the title no this is not going to have hot girl on girl action while on top of ice… at least none was shown during the first episode. Yuri is a figure skater who happens to be a little down on luck I suppose after he just failed some competition.

Oddly for something I originally had no plan to watch this ended up being my absolute favorite of the first episodes I watched. The animation is beautiful, the characters seem realistic towards what is going on, and I dunno I just really liked it I guess.

Quick Notes:

Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season: Pretty much what I expected for it coming back but I feel like it will just be easier to watch all at once rather than weekly.

Hibike Euphonium 2nd Season: I had some issues with the tone of the first half of the episode of Yuriphonium. That mixed with how I generally saw the first season puts it as a binge watch later.

Flip Flappers: It was… something? I don’t think even if I kept it around would I watch it. I may come back later depending on what I hear.

Vivid Strike: Nanoha’s little sister of an anime. It was good but I felt like I would rather binge it than weekly it.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: MagiGirl Death Match piqued my curiosity but not enough.






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