Tackling the Tower of Books; Danmachi V3

Hello Everyone!

Today I will tackle another book out. Sadly it technically isn’t a “tower” anymore as I needed the desk space back. So all my books are back in my bookcases but I have a list of what I still need to get done. But I did like the name so I am keeping it.

I also realized at the rate I am currently reading these I won’t be finished for over a year… and that is if I buy no more books.. so I need to start getting through two or three of them a month instead.



So volume three of Danmachi is kind of, at least in my opinion, a fairly pivotal volume for the story thus far and from what I know of it from where the anime went after. The first half of the book while not really the big pivotal moment definitely helped lead up to the moment. During this half we have various things going on starting out with Lilly and Bell talking after Lilly being pronounced dead to her familia.

While the situation starts out fairly serious because they know that since she can no longer return to her familia, nor her God, she can not level up in their world. Of course though as Danmachi likes to diffuse seriousness with absolute ridiculousness when Hestia shows up there is quickly a little jealousy match between the two females over Bell’s attention.

This eventually leads to Bell escaping and running into Aiz, whom was looking for him to return something of his, which also leads to Aiz offering to train Bell. This particularly is what leads up to the pivotal moment of this volume and series as his training with Aiz, who could be arguably the strongest adventurer out there, prepares him for what is to come later. Their training lasts throughout most of the volume probably a good half of it at least.

When Aiz has to leave for her expedition after an attack against her and Bell on the streets at night Bell is left feeling unfulfilled because he sees a notice of how Aiz has leveled up to six which is practically unheard of. While aimlessly walking around town he is found by Syr who drags him into helping at the bar. Which while annoying is also a bit of a reprieve for Bell while his thoughts drag him down and offers him a chance to speak with Ryu who was once an adventurer herself.

Now of course their conversation pretty much is the moment where a ‘flag’ is raised because it is about leveling up and having to do something grand in order to level up. This leads us to the last half of the book and specifically the pivotal moment I keep bringing up. Where while down in the dungeon Bell and Lilly run into what mentally has been holding Bell back for the first two volumes, another Minotaur.

This is the pivotal moment in my opinion for many reasons. First it is, exactly as Freya planned it to be, the moment where Bell fights his literal fear. Second, as stated by Ryu an adventurer must do something grand in order to level up. Such as fighting a Minotaur which at Bell’s level is insane to even imagine. What I really liked about the fight though here is unlike is some manga/anime/etc where the MC just happens to come into the power to overpower such a foe Bell has worked every step of the way to get to where he is.

All of his time spent in the dungeon and doing whatever else has increased his skill so far that he is beyond what a normal level one adventurer would probably be at. Yes of course this is enhanced due to that special skill of his about desire and what not but he still worked at it. Add this onto the fact that he didn’t just roll over the fight with the Minotaur as if it was the easiest thing in the world and ended up burning himself out for the finishing blow is even better.

So that is Danmachi V3. I already have my next book lined up (Devil is a Part-Timer) and am going to try to read that a bit faster in hopes to get through these novels a bit faster.


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