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I originally meant to have another post over the weekend but I got distracted by various things, primarily Dragon Quest Builders, and didn’t get around to it. Also to mention is I am beginning my biggest paper of the semester this week I believe and so for the next three weeks I am not sure how busy or not busy I will be with it. So while I am not terribly busy this first week as it just starts out I am going to try to schedule up some posts but… well I have never been good at keeping up on that type of thing.


My Manga Ramblings posts do go over current manga and their recently released chapters from wherever I decide to read them from. If you have not read the chapter, or do not want spoilers pertaining to the following manga, please don’t bitch about it to me.


Today I will cover:

  • Kyou no Cerberus
  • Ajin-chan wa Kataritai
  • Love Rush
  • Grand Blue
  • Kanojo wa Rokurokubi


Kyou no Cerberus – Chapter 35 “Mad Dog” – So after all this time we finally get to see Roze’s face. Hades is a bit of a Roze otaku… and by a bit I mean that creepy fat guy covered head to toe in otaku-like clothing and goods who clearly forgot there is a line you should never cross when supporting/liking something. We end the chapter with Kuro turning into Super Kuro(?) and makes me question if Kuro is about to kick a gods ass (even more) soon.


Ajin-chan wa Kataritai – Chapter 23 “Demi-chan Doesn’t Talk” – That was a nice quiet chapter without too many antics that the series is kind of known for. Kyouko was asleep in the room waiting for someone to pick her up and that was about it for this chapter really. Just nice and relaxing one this time.


Love Rush – Chapter 7 “The Wolf Princess” – So this one re-entered my radar after someone mentioned it over on Twitter. I say re-entered because I recall reading that first chapter  before and after looking into it is in Jump which probably means it showed up while I was still reading it perhaps? Not sure. Anyway it’s a not good/not bad series about a guy who has a retarded sounding gene that makes him appear as a “super hunk” to all females (except for conveniently the one person he likes). Soooo all the girls in the literal universe is trying to buck this guy while he is trying to shack up with his childhood friend he likes.


Grand Blue – Chapter 13 “Drinking at Home” – So this chapter is where Kitahara’s murderous friends from school decide to come over to his house for drinks after passing some tests. They are obviously in a murderous skeptical mood since they all think he is shacking up with beautiful girls which of course isn’t too far from the truth. The first issue comes from Azusa leaving her underwear in his room which somehow gets covered up… thanks to denial but ends when Chisa accidentally shows up to his room.


Kanojo wa Rokurokubi – Chapter 20 “Too Wrong” – Rokurokubi was brought to my attention via one of my Discords resident manga referrer. It’s a little rough art wise and the story is about youkai, specifically a Rokurokubi, a youkai whose neck stretches. While at first the story more or less focused on youkai making you think that was all there were in the story we learn there are also humans and that relations are strained between human and youkai. Unfortunately our male MC, the crush of our Rokurokubi, is being forced to leave and the recent chapter ended with an outburst from him about how youkai and humans can never get along.

I’m interested to see how this is resolved if it is but it kinda also gives vibes of ending soon for some reason? Not sure.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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