Taking it Easy for Fall 2016, Week 3

Hello everyone!

So this season seems to be all around bland/boring/whatever except for maybe a handful of people I have talked to. I don’t think that many people have gone over watching ten shows with most saying the three to six range.

I myself settled on thirteen it seems though I think four of them are shorts and like three more shows I could drop and probably not miss what so ever. So this post will just be my thoughts up to now rather than any specific episodes for the season.



No screw your technicalities I am not adding the like half dozen exclamation marks. Anyway I didn’t fit Keijo in the first post as it was coming out as I was writing it then. Now we are up to three episodes and… well I most certainly don’t hate it. What I like about Keijo is how utterly ridiculous it is in theme but it is written in a way that the characters, and on a lesser scale audience, take it so completely seriously. Sure I will admit if you just look at the show and what it is about it is awful and probably degrading somehow but everyone knows I am here for enjoyment and Keijo is just pure enjoyment.



This spin off of Working has kept up its pace of the first episode sadly. It is literally spit-firing jokes and puns and whatever else it can at the viewers not really developing any depth to the characters really. I mean we are only three episodes in and we already have almost hit a full year in their time. The best thing really so far about the show is it is painting some very thick lines of who likes who in it and as a shipper I can enjoy that. Unfortunately, unlike in Working, since no depth is really being made for the characters like was done with Yachiyo and Jun or even Inami and Takanashi  I also at the same time could care less who likes who.


Yuri on Ice

Still surprisingly, given the subject matter I guess, Yuri on Ice has probably solidified itself as my favorite of the season judging simply by what episodes have aired for each show so far. It should be fun to keep up with especially since all the characters have been pretty fun to watch. Despite being my favorite of the season though I don’t see it being all that special really other than maybe some fluidity to the animation at parts.


All Out

All Out is an interesting one for me. On one hand I am sort of enjoying it and them playing Rugby is fairly new for anime as far as I can recall. On the other hand though the short MC dude is so fucking annoying I really just wanna drop it completely. IF I can deal with the overly annoying brat this could be a good show but if he gets worse I don’t see me keeping up with this show in its entirety.


Brave Witches

No idea why but it is hard to find images, much less gifs, of this show… putting that point aside though. Brave Witches, while good in its own right, is failing to have that charm that pulled me in and kept my attention throughout Strike Witches. I am hoping it pulls something off that pulls it up but right now it really is weak compared to it. That said I do love quite a few of the girls here, just like I did in Strike, and will probably enjoy seeing how they do things.


Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

Ping Pong Girls is still steadily staying strong but that could be because it only has one contender really this season for CGDCT shows. While this one isn’t winning on the CGDCT front for me it is still really enjoyable to watch. But man… I don’t remember ping pong ever being that intensive… like I am pretty sure if someone wasn’t wearing anything under their shirts we would quickly know given how sweaty they get.


Shuumatsu no Izetta

OK so I will admit I am probably liking Izetta more than I should be but, that is entirely because I feel like the hate it is getting is completely unjustifiable. Thanks Harp. I will agree with some from Twitter on what happened in the latest episode was kind of annoying but really that is so commonplace (not just in Anime from my experience) I shrugged it off quickly. Right now Izetta probably is in my top three at the moment but since I haven’t really made any sort of official ranking on the season it is hard to say.


Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

So many predicted I was going to pick this up and… well yeah I did. While I don’t think it is as good as vaguely similar shows, like Barakamon, it is still pretty solid so far. Interesting thing about this one is… I really don’t see where it may even be heading to story wise. Which I find good cause if I can’t predict a show I generally enjoy it more.


Stella no Mahou

Another late grab into the season it quickly won its way into my watching list primarily or being one of only two CGDCT shows this season. Annoyingly to me I have noticed people comparing this to New Game or Shirobako because apparently every show has to be compared to something apparently. I don’t see this related to either in any way if anything my comparisons goes to that Stella C^3 airsoft series, and that is only because of the color palette, or to Saekano, because they were doing a similar thing as what the girls here are doing.

The Shorts:

Okusama ga Seitokaichou: Still lewd. Still hate the MC. Ai and Misumi still best girls.

Nobunaga no Shinobi: Still cute. Still odd.

Kiitarou Shounen: Still no idea what is going on.

Bernard-jou Iwaku: Still think this is about Literary Girl from NichiBro’s.


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