Excerpt: NaNoWriMo 2016

So as I mentioned I did decide to take part in NaNoWriMo again this year.

Sorry my dear editor Jamie but, I did choose to go for a new story this year (I SWEAR I WILL FINISH THE ONE FROM LAST YEAR).

Anyway I couldn’t think of anything else to post tonight and the blog has been silent all week so I thought I would throw out a fairly small excerpt from what I am currently writing to give a taste of the idea I am trying out this year.

I haven’t quite gotten an idea for a title yet and totally admit it feels way too wordy (but at the same time needed) so hopefully I will have the time to tackle that after I finish (unless this one also turns into like last years and still gets worked on a year later…)

The wind kicked up the dirt in the low rocky valley creating a light obscuring cloud that covered it and its many dry streambeds and gullies. Despite the harshness that the area portrayed the sun shone brightly but not unforgivingly. The wind as it whipped itself through the rocks and boulders hinted itself at a slowly approaching autumn storm. Small animals could be seen here and there foraging in the dry shrubbery for any remaining food to be found before the oncoming storm arrived. The landscape could almost be considered serene or even just a simple day of everyday life in nature if it was not for what ran across its ragged top.

Beads of sweat and drops of blood flew from the man running ragged between the large white boulders that dotted the landscape. From his lips flew a stream of constant obscenities as he dared to look behind him at what was chasing him. Barreling past the boulder the man had just passed moments ago a green skinned creature brandishing a large axe chased after him.

“Shit!” the man cried out as he pushed himself further to what felt like this never ending game of cat and mouse.

“Mag lethar, Tahl!” the green skinned creature yelled towards him.

The man kept running, his breathing becoming more ragged by the second, until suddenly he was falling face forward towards the ground. The dust clouds created by the dirt kicked up by the wind obscured one of the dry streambeds until it was too late and he was tumbling forward into it. After rolling a few times he landed on his back with a pronounced groan and a moment later he could hear the heavy footsteps of the creature chasing him on the ridge of the streambed. Scrambling to his hands and knees he crawled on all fours until he was behind a small boulder that lay in the stream quietly catching his breath.

All he could wonder as he sat there gasping for breath was how he got in this situation. He thought back and he remembered he was just leaving the store with a small bag of groceries after a particularly grueling long class at college when suddenly his vision got a little blurry. It was nothing as far as he thought, probably just a headache from hearing his teacher drone on and on about this or that political topic of the day. But as he finished rubbing his eyes it seemed as though he had just stepped into the middle of nowhere. He was confused obviously, as he just left the store in the middle of his concrete jungle of a city and was now standing on a hill in the middle what appeared to be a dry rocky valley.

Just as the fear of the unknown began settling itself into his nerves was when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. When he tried to focus on it suddenly it ballooned up in front of his eyes and he fell back out of reflex. What appeared in front of him looked like a status screen that you would see in any sort of roleplaying game full of the usual stats you would see in them. He saw three bars in three colors lined together, red for Health, blue for Mana, and green for Stamina, a small box that said Level One, a space where his nickname ‘Wolfe’ was, as well as various blank areas such as Title, Skills, and other various game like things displayed.

“What in the…” Wolfe had no idea what he was looking at. He wondered if he had fallen asleep at the library and was dreaming right now? No wait he remembered leaving the store. But just what in the world was this thing?

Suddenly a small ping rang in his ear and he noticed out of the corner of his eyes again a small glow. Again when he focused on it suddenly another screen came into focus, this time what appeared as a small mini map, and on it was a dozen or so yellow dots as well as one red dot. Again he was shocked when a small message that said “Tracking Skill Increased by One” appeared just in his view for a moment before disappearing. He was about to say something again when he realized the red dot that was on that map had made his way towards him and looking in the direction that it was coming from made his heart sink.

Standing on a ridge not far from him was a tall green skinned creature. While visually it looked everything like a man other than the green skin further inspection showed he had pointed ears, wore fur clothing, carried an axe, and his red eyes chilled Wolfe where he stood. A moment later the creature roared and charged towards him causing Wolfe’s tendency to run from anything that scared him to kick in, although he didn’t make it far as he ran into a large white boulder. Turning around he was just barely able to move his head out of the way of the creature swinging its axe in an arc towards him and that was when his fear hit new levels. Though he was able to dodge a fatal blow the axe still nicked his cheek leaving a long shallow cut.

Where the fear came from was Wolfe felt the sting as the flesh was cut and could feel the few small drops of blood dripping down his face. Even if for some reason everything he was seeing felt like a game he felt the pain for whatever reason. This kicked his flight response into high gear and he ran as fast as he could away from the creature. Now he was at the bottom of a dry streambed behind a small boulder and thanks to the dust kicked up by the wind he could not even see if the creature chasing him was nearby.

So yeah that’s what i’m gonna share for now. I hope you enjoy reading and get the basic idea of what I am shooting for here. Honestly have no idea where it is going to go right now but it should be a fun project unless school and work gets to busy to continue on it.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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