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Full Throttle in Winter 2017

So anyone who keeps up with the blog (not sure if there are many of you) would know that Fall 2016 kinda failed hard for me. Including even the anticipation post I only have four posts so far and I am only predicting one more maybe next week or the week after. It isn’t too surprising really, I only predicted four or five to be interested in and only ended up with like six up to the end here.

But next season… wow it is looking packed and that is just of ones that catch my eye or are adaptations of something I enjoy. So let’s try and forget this completely lackluster season and look forward to some interesting things!

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Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

The final post of the Co-Op blog post featuring AvidReader.


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Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

Part Two of my Co-op blog post with AvidReader over FFXV.

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Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

Hello Everyone,

So obviously I chose not to stop blogging yet but I am still deciding on what to do with the manga ramblings post. On one hand I don’t want to stop doing it but on the other it seems to be the one post I do that is regularly disliked.

While I deliberate on what I will be doing I will try to put out a couple of other things but that might be slower than even this post coming out will be because I just haven’t accomplished much lately…

Anyway on with the post!


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Manga Ramblings **REMOVED + ANNOUNCEMENT**


Well this is a first… I have had in the past people complain about spoilers of a post over time, but never more than two.

In the two hours since I released this post though I ended up with seven complaints about spoilers, specifically to that of BokuHero so I just decided I would remove the content of the post.

While on one hand this is my blog and I prefer posting what I like to post I also do not like receiving multiple complaints on something I post.

Manga Ramblings crosses across a very thin line of what people find acceptable from being spoiled I realize this and I have posted a warning on every post since roughly around the fourth or fifth Manga Ramblings post.

But the amount of complaints to this post just dwarfed the amount I have received before and I am just not in the mood to do deal with complaints.

What this means for Manga Ramblings is one of three things.

One: I will stop talking about major manga releases, primarily those from Weekly Shonen Jump, and only talk about some of my more obscure titles. This clearly limits what I can talk about since what is and isn’t considered major and obscure gets brought up… so…

Two: I will create some sort of header image that I will try to force into always showing up before everything that contains my warning inside of my posts. I will also put the warning up at the top as well as where it currently is. If three warnings isn’t enough and I still receive complaints…

Three: I will stop Manga Ramblings posts entirely. What this means though is likely I will just shut down the entire blog because at the moment Manga Ramblings is about all I have to talk about until probably the end of the year if not a little bit longer.

So while I debate over what I actually do I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.