Final Fantasy XV, Game Review+

The final post of the Co-Op blog post featuring AvidReader.


Final (Fantasy) Thoughts

W: So I guess one question that can come up here in the wrap up would be:

Anything you want to see come out for the game?

A: I’d like it if there were more weapon diversity, as well as an addition of Armor (or in this case “Costume”) vendors. But honestly, I think aside from a few performance tweaks, the game is fine as a stand alone experience. There’s even some post game content to do.

W: For me it is kind of a slippery slope either way. On one hand I nearly despise DLC unless it is a huge thing that could nearly be called an expansion. On the other hand I am an impulse buyer and will buy probably any DLC that comes even if it was just more costumes.

A: I bought the Day One edition and that came with a few bonus content like a weapon for Noct and codes for FFXIV.

W: Same. It’s just hard to tell cause like you said it is a great stand alone experience but that rarely stops developers from having DLC either. The big thing comes to… Square Enix? I’ll admit I am not overly familiar with their games but they usually don’t do much in the way of DLC to my knowledge.

A: They had a bunch of costumes for Lightning in Lightning Returns, but I don’t think they’ve done much else for their games.

W: Yeah. This probably, hopefully, won’t turn out like Compile Heart games with 20+ DLC per character in the game.

A: I wouldn’t mind it if they added in some more post game content. Like I know that after you beat the game, you can get a key that opens up those big silver doors you come across in some dungeons and there’s those big hunts like Adamantoise and probably Ravutogh as well as a level 99 dungeon that you can only get to by flying to it, but other than just collecting every type of fish or recipe, there’s not much else you can do, other than start NG+.

W: So I think a good final question is in order.

What score would you give Final Fantasy XV?

A: After putting about 40+hrs into it? Probably an 8/10.

Lackluster story is more than made up for by the sheer FUN you can have with this game. There’s not really an RPG out there where I can set a destination and just cruise there in a sweet looking car with my buddies, while listening to soundtrack from previous games. Also helps that while they do that, I can get up and walk away and grab some food or drink and then come back and they’ll be arriving at their destination.

W: I would have to agree on an 8 out of 10.

The story, had it been instead of a crown prince and his nation being destroyed etc etc and was focused on just the road trip, probably would have pushed it to and 8.5 or even 9 out of 10.

A: Problem with that, is that you can’t really have this game without that setting as a launching point. But maybe once I’ve finished the game, I’ll have a different opinion.

W: I suppose, but the other issues I have with the game, as slight as they are keep it from that precious 10 out of 10 either way.

A: agreed. Still, it’s a great success and Squenix has done well to live up to the hype.

Because we could have been ranting about the next Duke Nukem Forever, instead of praising them for doing a great job.

W: I think I might need some brain bleach for being reminded of DMF… maybe a few hours on FFXV…


That concludes up the blog post here. If you have any questions or comments leave them below!


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