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Hello Everyone,

So obviously I chose not to stop blogging yet but I am still deciding on what to do with the manga ramblings post. On one hand I don’t want to stop doing it but on the other it seems to be the one post I do that is regularly disliked.

While I deliberate on what I will be doing I will try to put out a couple of other things but that might be slower than even this post coming out will be because I just haven’t accomplished much lately…

Anyway on with the post!


Today’s game review is a bit of a special one. Similar to my Fallout review (that I recently realized never actually finished…) I am having a guest join me today.

Joining me from my Crunchyroll days and from my Discord server will be AvidReader and we decided the best way to tackle this sort of review would to do it as a sort of a Q&A or even just a general chat about the game istelf. We will have a little intro here and then tackle various subjects pertaining to the game itself. Similar to my other review posts this will probably be something akin to Story, Gameplay/Combat, Issues we have had, and then a wrap up of the review.

From here on out Avid will be joining me via GoogleDocs and anything I say will of course begin with a W and Avid’s will be with an A.

W: Thank you for joining me Avid, I shall rely on your great Final Fantasy knowledge from here on out.

A: Don’t count too much on it. I’ve only played X-2, XII and XIII before XV… and I like XII the most out of all of them…

W: So both of our knowledge is fairly limited. I myself can only recall a game with the black mage guy who wore a blue robe? One with I think his name is Cloud. Final one I played before XV was the first one with pink haired girl.

A: … I think that sounds like FFVI, VII and XIII… *quick google search* I was close on the mage. He’s from FFIII… or he could be Vivi from IX…

W: Pretty sure his name was Black Mage… this was a long time ago; hard to remember. Anyway the first obvious question of today’s post is: How long have you been waiting for FFXV?

A: I haven’t been waiting as long as some other people. I got on the hype train for FFXV when it was announced at E3 in I think… 2013, 2014? Whenever they decided “Fuck it, it’s been in development for so long, let’s just change the name. They won’t be able to tell the difference.”

W: For myself… it was probably even more recent. I think when my local Gamestop had put up banners for it coming out? So probably mid to late 2015 or even early 2016.

A: Huh… Really short time then… And then you have people out there that have been waiting for it since ‘06, when it was still going by the name of FFXIIvs and part of the Crystal Novalis(?) mythos.

W: And to me at least that all sounds like gibberish. But I do believe it sets us up nicely to get into our first section I have set up for us which is the story.

A: Well let’s get into it.


The Story

W: So Avid, how would you go about for explaining what the story of FFXV is without really spoiling it too much for the people still undecided on the game?

A: Road trip. It’s a long road trip. With your mates from college.

W: Well I certainly can’t deny that one. But it leads to what I think might be a good first official question for this section.

Do you have any dissonance with the story and the gameplay?

A: I won’t say it’s not there, but then again, I’ve mostly done a lot of sidequest stuff, with doing a story mission interspersed in between all of it here and there. As for the story, I can’t really say I have too much of an attachment to it outside of it being used as a set piece. And this is coming from someone who has seen all the EU stuff they put out before the game, like the Brotherhood anime and the Kingsglaive movie. (Which are both good things to see before the game. But if I got into why, we’d be here all day.)

W: Hah, completely understand there. I personally never saw the anime or movie (for shame me) but so far in my game, at least for me, I kept getting slightly annoyed at how the characters were set up and then when it wasn’t the main story it was just good ol’ buddy road trip.

A: Which is another thing. I only ever got attached to a few of the side characters. So when things happened to the ones I weren’t attached to, I just let out a great big “Meh”. And even the ones I got attached to, I can’t say definitively that if anything happened to them I’d do or say anything that didn’t amount to an “Oh no….” being let out. But I’ve only completed 9 out of 15 story chapters (because that’s how long you get before the game goes linear), so something might happen in the latter part of the game that may change my mind.

W: Meanwhile I have no idea how far in I am technically in with the game. I just met I believe it is Gladio’s sister? You know the one clearly suffering from Childhood Friend Syndrome?

A: Yep. And it’s a shame because that’s my ship…

W: I personally will hold off shipping until I meet the actual candidate myself.

A: I’d start talking about why I don’t like Lunafreya, but then Shipping Wars just never really go anywhere.

W: And I myself have no idea about her.

A: What I know comes from Kingsglaive. She was… an archetype character basically… Imagine Saber from Fate/Stay Night. The so-called “I will fulfill my duty”-Noblesse-Oblige-type.

W: I see. Well we need to continue on but one question alone won’t cut it for this section. So I think the next question and it at least somewhat closely relates to the story is:

Who is your favorite character?


A: Prompto. Precious, precious Prompto. We need to protect this special butterfly.

W: Prompto is like the teen who knows, or at least assumes, everyone loves him and he can get by with so much shit just because he is himself. I totally agree on Prompto though.

A: If only he wasn’t as fragile as glass…. Next fave would have to be either Gladio or Ignis, though I’m leaning more towards Gladio.

W: Interesting. Mine personally would go to Ignis but entirely due to glasses and cooking. They both make for great dads though.

A: Yep. Gladio is protective Papa bear that’ll wreck your shit if you are mean to his cubs, and Ignis is the Attentive Stay at Home Dad who always tries to get his kids to be the best they can be.

W: I guess after them… I’d honestly have to go to side characters before Noct… I’m just not a huge fan of him myself.

A: I agree. He hasn’t got a lot going for him, aside from being the Prince and Father angst (that gets resolved so damn fast…)

W: Yeah. So I think a good final question for this section would be this:

Best/Favorite moment in the story thus far?

A: … Maybe when Iris tags along for a ride… NO!! WAIT A GODDAMN MINUTE!!

The Fight with the Archean Titan has to be the best moment ever. Just the epic scale of the entire thing and the soundtrack playing behind all of it was superbly well done.

There was also the moment when the giant bird (which I found out later in the game through listening to dialogue from NPCs/the radio is called Av Ravutogh after the giant volcano it lives on top of) flew over head.

W: I think I remember the bird one. Though I do admit I thought that was the Behemoth the Chocobo’s were afraid of rather than what actually ended up being the Behemoth.

As for me my favorite moment… probably was just about everything with Cindy. She has a great spunky attitude to her that just made her enjoyable.

A: Cindy is a great addition to the game. The put a lot of work into the… assets… that make up her character model. All I can say to the Character designer is “Good Job”. Totally agreed on the attitude as well. Shame that the OTP is Cindy x Regalia…. Poor Prompto…

W: Yeah… Cindy was about his only hope. But I do believe this makes for a good finish for this section and it’s about time to get into the nitty gritty of the game and what people probably care about more.

A: So we get to talk about the fun stuff now? Awesome. B)


Due to the length this post has gotten I have decided to split it into multiple posts…

Stay Tuned!


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