Full Throttle in Winter 2017

So anyone who keeps up with the blog (not sure if there are many of you) would know that Fall 2016 kinda failed hard for me. Including even the anticipation post I only have four posts so far and I am only predicting one more maybe next week or the week after. It isn’t too surprising really, I only predicted four or five to be interested in and only ended up with like six up to the end here.

But next season… wow it is looking packed and that is just of ones that catch my eye or are adaptations of something I enjoy. So let’s try and forget this completely lackluster season and look forward to some interesting things!


Little Witch Academia

Probably my most hyped anticipation of next season would have to be the announced full season of Little Witch Academia from Trigger. I really enjoyed the OVA/Movie we received and now that we are getting a full season of it?

I am literally on the edge of my seat wanting it already. The downside comes from the fact that I don’t think anyone ever licensed it? So I am curious where it will end up. If CR managed to get it… I might just get a sub again so I can watch it on my TV.


Masamune-kun no Revenge

This is an interesting one. One reason being while I do enjoy reading Masamune… at the same time I really don’t? The story and concept, especially in later chapters, has gotten all sorts of convoluted I can’t make heads or tails of it really.

Another reason is… honestly the character colors don’t match what I pictured which just kinda leaves me wondering if I had somehow made it through the series without ever seeing a color page of any of the characters or I just can’t remember.

But it could still be fun seeing this animated so it still hits my interest.



Seiran here has been making a particular splash among those in my Discord server. Perhaps Twitter as well but I haven’t really been paying attention for it there if it has been… So the obvious hype comes from the fact that it is essentially going to be Amagami 2.0 from everything that has been shown or concluded from what has been seen or told of the show so far.

Also helps the same illustrator is working on it from what I have found. So obviously due to my love for Amagami I am holding out that this can also be up there in how good it is. The downsides come from the amount of episodes it is said to have and the amount of girls there are. Either not all the girls are relative to the story or there will be less than 3 episodes per character.


Gabriel Dropout

Another fun comedy/SoL/CGDCT sorta show that I am definitely looking forward to watching. While I haven’t been reading Gabriel as long as some others have perhaps it is definitely a good series that quickly become beloved for me.

I am putting probably too much hope on it right now though because after this seasons shows… I really need that lighthearted CGDCT stuff I love.


Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon

Luckily for Gabriel it isn’t my only hope for next season. While Kobayashi might not be specifically what I would put under a CGDCT series it does qualify for that SoL goodness. Other than the fact I genuinely enjoy this series it is also from the same author who made Komori-san and I can’t understand my husband.

I am waiting to see Grauger call the loli dragon the best dragon (because she is).


Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Wow we are up to six anticipated now. Usually I stop at like three…

But yes there is even more that I am looking forward to and this is one. I love the manga quite a bit and am really wanting to see this one animated.

If I were to take a dare I would right now call this my most likely to succeed (other than maybe Little Witch) and will probably be my favorite of the season (other than maybe Little Witch).


Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

SAO is an interesting for me to put here. On one hand I am not the biggest SAO fan (though I seem to be close having watched and liked most of what has come out, own what LN’s are translated, and play the games). On the other hand I do believe this is an all new story not related to the novels?

At least that is what I heard. It is in a movie format which may turn some away but if anything I think it will pull me towards it. I am not nearly as hyped for this as I am some others but it has its own level I suppose.

OK so I think I will stop it there. Surprisingly, no, that is not everything I am looking forward to. There are four others I believe that are adaptations of novels/games/manga I am familiar with then there are around five continued seasons of shows I want to eventually check into. After that there like three or four others that piqued my curiosity by their visuals and/or synopsis alone.

So I am predicting my free time coming next season will be primarily spent on working on keeping up with this amount of anime. Luckily hours at work tend to calm down post holidays (assuming I am kept after seasonal) and I am still keeping my school hours low so I don’t overload myself on that.

It will be interesting to see how much of this I can keep up with really. As for other things I plan on binge watching through what I put aside from this season over the next week or two. I am planning on doing another manga post, probably over this weekend, and this time to hopefully not get the complaints I received last week I will have a proper title/warning picture that SHOULD be what shows up on Twitter and people will be happy.


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I'm your average twenty-something that just happens to not have your average twenty-something life. I enjoy Anime and Manga. I also like to dabble in writing and Drawing. I also play more games than is necessarily healthy.
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